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This year’s fall fashion trends

SAVANNAH MUL — Staff Writer

The recipe calls for bracelets and necklaces, black leggings, combat boots and a tank top layered then topped with a sweater. Tessa Karmelowicz, junior and graphic design major, said those are the ingredients for her recipe in having the perfect fall wardrobe.

“I really like the dark, low-cut baggy shirts,” she said as she described her style to be bohemian edge with a twist. “I mostly always go for the dark colors in the fall.”

Karmelowicz was already wearing her black leggings with her over-sized t-shirt that she paired with many necklaces.

“I never don’t wear bracelets,” she said, “or rings; always a lot of bracelets and necklaces. They always add to the outfit!”

Lauren Conrad, author and fashion designer believes each season comes with a new wardrobe. According to Conrad’s website, she lists her must have fall fashion items: leather or faux leather anything, dressy shorts, pleated skirts, bright accessories and fun jewelry.

Autumn weather is soon approaching and Conrad said her new fall line includes floral button up blouses, pleated skirts with tights and many casual sweaters and cardigans that can be dressed up easily with scarves and any other accessory.

During an interview at Los Angeles’s Fashion Night Out, Conrad said how layering is always big in the fall. She advised future fashion moguls to always keep working pieces in, even if it’s a lightweight blouse to a blazer.

“I layer and start with a tank top underneath,” Karmelowicz said, “and always make it more appealing by adding necklaces.”

She indicated how much layering is a part of her wardrobe. Karmelowicz said she finishes most of her outfits with her black boots; it’s a simple shoe that makes it easy to match with anything.

Wendy Chin, sophomore and undeclared major said she is still stuck in the summer outfits.

“I wish crop tops were still in for the fall,” Chin said, as she was wearing her shorts with a brown belt topped with a colorful striped crop top.

To start easing into the fall fashion Chin said she begins with layering, and still gets to use some of her summer shirts but this time paired with the cardigan.

“It’s really hard to find stuff when I shop,” Chin said, “but when I do, I go for beiges, browns and olives a lot.”

One item Chin said she started wearing are five finger toes, which look like slipper socks but really are a healthy shoe for feet while running and exercising, she said. Chin works at Trailblazer in the Broadway distract in Downtown New Haven and shares a style she is not looking forward to seeing this fall.

“I can’t stand Uggs anymore,” Chin said. “I work at a retail store and everyone comes in for Uggs. Instead I’m really into Toms brand shoes and any type of slouch suede boots.”

Caley Brooks, freshman and communication disorders major, just went shopping for her new fall look. On her autumn checklist she said it included colors like orange, purple, and blacks but mostly colors that are found in the leaves.

“I love my multicolored scarves,” Brooks said, “they’re probably my favorite accessory. You can find just about any type of color in them, which matches perfectly with the season.”

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