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Dressing for the fall season has its challenges

Jeniece RomanGeneral Assignment Reporter

The fall season means fall fashion, but according to students it might not always mean dressing for the cold weather.

Pam Solis, junior public health major, said it has been difficult finding something to wear with the recent unpredictability of the weather. She said that she brought all of her summer clothes home and the following week temperatures rose.

“It’s a little frustrating. When the weather changes you kind of expect that when the semester starts, it’s going to get colder,” said Solis.

Alexis Greenwood, public health major, said it can be challenging to dress for the weather, but gets help through the weather app and relies on layers when dressing.

“It’s difficult,” said Greenwood. “I usually check the weather pretty faithfully.”

Greenwood said she check the weather so that she is aware of what the next day will be like, whether it is hot or cold.

She said although it can be difficult, dressing for colder weather is easier than dressing for warmer weather.

“If you have on, let’s say, like a wrinkled shirt, you throw a hoodie on over that and nobody can see the wrinkled shirt as opposed to maybe like when it’s warmer outside,” said Greenwood. “Then obliviously you’re going to have to iron your shirt.”

Maddy Causapin, sophomore pre-nursing major, said it’s easier to live on campus because she can go back to her dorm midday and change if she needs to, but that living on campus also has challenges.

“I went home this weekend and I was debating whether I should bring home my winter stuff back or bring my summer stuff back to my house,” said Causapin.

Greenwood said she brings most of her clothes to campus and because she goes home every weekend, it makes dressing for the weather unpredictable.

“I will try and leave some things at home and I’ll try and do like half and half. I leave some fall stuff at home or if I notice it’s getting warmer out I’ll be like, let me bring my sandals back to school or something like that. So it kind of has been a challenge going back and forth,” said Greenwood.

Layering her outfits with long sleeves, a sweater, or jackets is another way that Greenwood said she likes to dress. She also said she relies on tall boots and sweatpants because they are very comfortable. Her recent favorite accessory is bangles and layering them with Alex and Ani bracelets.

“The jeans and T-shirt are pretty okay for any weather you can kind of pick and choose whether or not you want to add another layer,” said Greenwood.

Causapin said that there is a difference between the way that students at private universities and public universities dress. She said that Southern students have a more casual style.

“If you look at schools around here like Quinnipiac or Yale, you can definitely see that they dress differently than we do,” said Causapin.

Solis said she has been looking at over sized sweaters but there are several fall items she doesn’t own that she would like to. She has been looking at fall booties, scarves, oversized sweaters, and anything like dark colored clothing and said she likes to dress up regardless of the weather.

“I like to feel comfortable and look good,” said Solis. “It’s not for anyone it’s just for myself.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana – Photo Editor

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