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Finally sweater weather in New England

Vivian Englund – Copy Editor

It’s officially every true New Englander’s favorite season; autumn. The only thing that is not so great about fall: having to make your wardrobe transition from 80 to 60 degree weather in a matter of a week.

Luckily, bulky sweaters are here to stay throughout the colder months. Adding a few knits to your closet is sure to give any outfit a quirky twist while keeping you warm.

For the more grunge-y girl, shredded sweaters are back with a vengeance. Pairing a slightly torn, weathered sweater with your favorite skinnies and combat boots is the perfect casual fall outfit.

Crop top fanatics will be pleased to know that cropped sweaters are not going anywhere this season. Wear it with a skirt, or over your favorite dress and you have a functional fall outfit. Just be sure to wear tights if it’s chilly.

Stores like American Apparel are stocking extremely fuzzy cropped sweaters. These sweaters are super soft and cozy. They also don’t overpower an outfit because of how they hug the body.

It’s a match for tennis sweaters this season. Originally inspired by menswear, feel free to add these sophisticated sweater weathersweaters with any skirt. Plus, the interesting stripes will set your outfit apart from every other bland sweater.

Stripes seem to be just about everywhere this season, and sweaters are no exception. Whether your style is preppy or classic the striped sweater is definitely something you will find yourself putting to use.

If you are down with practically being able to swim in a sweater, a classic oversized sweater sounds right for you.  Go for a cable knit for a classic vibe. Stores like Urban Outfitters have a huge selection this season.

Make a statement with a wordy knit. Sweaters with funny words and sayings are a fun way to show off your personality. Plus, who wouldn’t want a quirky sweater to add to their collection?

When it comes to choosing a color for your sweater, you really have free roam this season.

A-typical fall colors like army green, yellow, red and brown are always a staple. However, oxblood or maroon colors are especially in demand this autumn and winter.

In 2014, black made a huge appearance in just about every clothing item imaginable. Head-to-toe black is perfectly acceptable. This makes no exceptions for sweaters. Black sweaters give a cool touch to any outfit.

Though darker shades are always a go-to for fall, pastels are in as well. Going for sweaters that are lilac and baby pink add a softer look to any outfit.

As far as purchasing all of these sweaters goes, it could get a little expensive for the average college kid.

If you are one of us that are on a budget, don’t be afraid to try a thrift shop. Although-yes, you probably will get that song by Macklemore stuck in your head by the time you leave.

There, you can find any sweater you could possibly imagine. That is even if you are shopping early for an ugly Christmas sweater. But thrift shops are especially good for those who appreciate vintage garments.

Maybe getting thrifty is not for you. If that’s the case, New Haven has plenty of shops on Broadway that do the same job.

Whatever your style is- we wish you a happy sweater weather.

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