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Standardized testing: the debate continues

Katherine G. Krajcik – Special to the Southern News  Cram, memorize, regurgitate and then forget. This learning method is unfortunately becoming more common as teaching methods dwindle, assessment methods narrow in scope, and standardized tests increase. “College means life-long learning, not just memorization and then regurgitating the information back to pass a test,” said Marie DiFrancesco, a professor in the Communication

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Connecticut proposes tax on soft drinks

Derek Torrellas – Photo Editor  A bill working its way through the Connecticut General Assembly targets consumer choices – soft drinks, specifically. The soda tax, as it is informally called, is an attempt to curb the rising rate of childhood obesity. The percentage of obese adolescents aged 12–19 years rose from five percent in 1980 to almost 21 percent in

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Snow days impact students’ school schedules

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor  Getting a cancellation email from Patrick Dilger has become a regular occurrence lately at Southern Connecticut State University. Although students have enjoyed the extra downtime to get extra sleep and watch Netflix, the many snow days have affected classes and other activities at Southern. Due to the snow days, professors all over campus have to

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University experts explain recent earthquakes in Connecticut

Photo Credit: Stuart Rankin Amy Kulikowski – Special to the Southern News  The recent earthquakes in the Eastern Connecticut area have spurred interest and worry in locals. However, according to the Weston Observatory at Boston College, the highest magnitude earthquake detected was 3.1 in Danielson, which is considered minor. The Observatory accounted for 11 minor earthquakes between Jan. 8 and Jan.

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