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EEE Mosquitos are a real threat to Connecticut

Ellie Sherry — Reporter Every year, one million people are killed by the world’s most deadly animals — and no, it is not the shark. It’s the mosquito. The majority of these deaths are from malaria, an infection spread by protozoan parasites, or dirty needles. The infection happens when an infected person’s blood goes into someone else; which is why

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New England facing unseasonably cold spring

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter To the north, temperatures are quite cold, while in the south temperatures are a bit warmer, and whether or not Connecticut experiences a warmer or cooler spring season is due to whichever way the wind blows, said James Fullmer, earth science professor. Fullmer said April is a transitional month between winter and summer and also happens

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Connecticut’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.2 percent

Anisa Jibrell – News Writer Connecticut’s unemployment rate reached 5.2 percent in September, down 1.1 percent from September 2014 and lagging not too far behind the national rate of 5 percent. Between March 2008 and the trench of the recession in February 2010, Connecticut lost a total of 119,000 jobs, according to the Connecticut Department of Labor (CDL). The state has since

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Southern welcomes incoming students with Owl Weekend Activities

Jene Thomas – News Editor A sea of blue covered the streets in front of residence halls as the sound of big, black moving bins echoed through the halls, despite the heat and traffic. Resident advisors, athletes, peer mentors and others volunteered to assist incoming freshmen and transfer students during move-in day on Aug. 27. The move-in process was expedited

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