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Celebrity raises awareness about HIV diagnosis

Sofia Rositani — Reporter Jonathan Van Ness, a hairdresser, podcaster and Queer Eye star, just came out as being HIV-positive in his newest memoir called “Over the Top”. In the memoir, he talks of his struggle with being addicted to drugs and sex during his college years. One day, he said, he spontaneously fainted while highlighting a customer’s hair. The

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87th Oscar Winner Predictions

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  Every year a few select films go above and beyond in artwork, surpassing the cheap entertainment value of certain mainstream films.  These excellent works intellectually and visually stimulate audiences to think on a deeper level. The 87th Oscars have gathered this year’s greatest cinematic achievements to select a winner in categories that emphasize the

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Media Phenomenon: “Fandom” Explained

Allaysia Varnado – Special to the Southern News  With the rise of new celebrities or entertainers comes large fan bases who dedicate their time to supporting their favorite musical artist, sports star, etc.. Dictionary.com defines a fandom as, “fans collectively, as of a motion picture star or a professional game or sport.” Fandoms include: the boy band One Direction, rapper

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Jamila’s Celebrity Jibber Jabber: Drake Bell isn’t a fan of the Biebs

Jamila Young – Arts & Entertainment Editor Nickelodeon alum, Drake Bell is not a fan of Justin Bieber. He has tweeted about his hate for Bieber in the past, but Bieber has never tweeted back a response…until recently. Bell had an album release party for his album, ‘Ready Steady Go!’ at a bar called Mixology, in California, and Bieber showed

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