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Club sports athletes take home honors

Matt Gad—Sports Writer At the second annual club sports awards, wich was hosted by the Office of Campus Recreation and headed by assistant director Andrew Marullo on April 23, several individuals were recognized from a variety of campus’ different club sports. Jesse Komaromi, who runs the dance program and won Coach of the Year, said it was “beautiful” to be

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Athletes should participate in intramural sports off season

Philip Zoppi – Special to the Southern News  According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, less than five percent of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. Intramural sports could fill this time for many. Intramural sports are a lot more than just getting some easy exercise in. Even though many look at Intramural’s as

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Student athletes need time to rest

Jene Thomas – General Assignment Reporter  In addition to 12-18 hours a week for classes, Southern student athletes are expected to dedicate around eight hours in five days for conditioning, according to field hockey player Vienna Pallisco, collaborative education major. Oh, and that’s just during the off-season. Pallisco said in the fall when the field hockey season is in session,

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Debate Continues Whether Student Athletes Should Be Paid to Play

Bobby Martinez – Sports Reporter It has been one of the most controversial topics in sports today; should college athletes get compensated? For decades, college athletes have helped generate millions of dollars to their respective colleges from jerseys, video games, etc. Last year, representing the country’s top college football conference, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide earned their conference $23.6

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