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CHAMPions in the classroom, field and life

Student athletes take part in various activities to stay involved with the community.

Bobby MartinezSports Writer

NEW HAVEN — Student athletes not only have the responsibility of being productive on the court and also in the classroom, but they also have the responsibility of adjusting to a daily life of an athlete outside of school grounds. Every athlete under the NCAA has to take part in the Champs Life skill program in which helps athletes make the right choices in school and after graduation.

    Champs life skill program provides student with numerous workshops throughout the year. Champs helps student athletes with tips on becoming successful outside of their sport said Michael Kobylanski.

    “Champs stands for challenging athletes minds for personal success,” said associate athletic director Kobylanski. “There are workshops athletes have to attend that are ongoing throughout the year.”

    The goal of this program is to prepare student athletes to achieve their long term goal beyond graduation in order to always be successful. In this program athletes are showed how maintain their college playing career, balance of school work and also how to become active within the community.

    Junior guard for the men’s basketball team Tylon Smith participated in this program with his teammates and was taught ways on how to stay prepared off the court for success.

Student athletes take part in various activities to stay involved with the community.
Student athletes take part in various activities to stay involved with the community.

    “In this program we were taught about ways to write a resume and what should be on it and also how to make it presentable,” said Smith. “Also, they talked to us about networking and how you can always network no matter how far you go and you should always have a contact card on you just in case.”

    As part of the program the NCAA’s focus is to help athletes make proper choices while playing and also being aware of what’s around them on campus at all times. A few statements given as part of their mission are developing student’s athletes in academics, athletics and career development.

    Kobylanski said his job is to provide students with speakers to come in and talk to athletes to help guide them and answer any questions they might have.

    “My main job,” said Kobylanski, “is to help provide our athletes with workshops throughout the year and also provide community workshops as well.”

    Assistant Director of Athletics Jane Marrone said this program helps the athletes out a lot and has a lot of information to help them throughout their years at school.

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         “The Champs skill program has workshops that are beneficial to our athletes,” said Marrone, “and provides a lot of information they can take with them and apply into their daily life.”

    Last semester Chris Herren, who at one point was part of the Boston Celtics, visited Southern Connecticut State University and spoke about his life story. Herren attended Boston College and California State University as a college athlete battled addiction and lost it all due to his addiction.

    This semester the athletics departments will hold numerous workshops and also community services for athletes to give back to the community and also learn different tools to apply while in school.

    Other workshops and speakers that came to Southern Connecticut State university last year besides Herren was Warren Kwan from Enterprise. Kwan spoke to the player about transferable skills for employments, interview preparation, resume and cover letter preparation.

    A final workshop from last year included was Patricia Whelan from Southern Connecticut State University center for Career Services. This program is ongoing throughout the semester with new speakers and also newer workshops each year being provided in order to better athletes as Southern with their long term goal outside of sports.

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