Athletes should participate in intramural sports off season

Philip Zoppi – Special to the Southern News 

According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, less than five percent of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. Intramural sports could fill this time for many.

Intramural sports are a lot more than just getting some easy exercise in. Even though many look at Intramural’s as just for “fun” it tends to get quite competitive. Intramural supervisor at Southern Connecticut State University, Mandi Kuster, can attest to this.

It really depends on the sport and the students that are participating but it can get very competitive,” she said. “Basketball and football tend to be our more competitive sports.”

There’s no excuse not to get involved if you’re looking for somewhere to meet friends and get in some exercise. Southern has expanded it’s options of intramural sports so there’s something for everyone. The list of sports includes flag football, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer, 3 on 3 basketball, dodgeball, 5 on 5 basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, and many others.

Sheldon Henry, coordinator of intramurals, believes playing intramurals is the perfect way to meet new friends. He even did it himself while attending Southern.

“When I came to Southern I really wanted to play football,” said Henry. “I went to the club fair my first week at Southern in my freshman year and was able to sign up. It gave me a chance to meet friends and to play football without making a big commitment.”

If someone doesn’t like football like Henry did or can’t find something they’d like to play, Southern’s intramural program is open to new sports year round. They try to make it as student friendly and accessible as they possibly can. Christopher Hazelton, also a coordinator of intramurals at Southern, said he’s always open to new ideas.

“We definitely keep an open mind when it comes to picking up new sports. The biggest thing is we just need to gauge interest first”, said Hazelton.

Playing Intramural sports can even help someone’s performance in school. Many probably think they don’t have time for intramurals, but they need to make time. It’ll only help them with schoolwork not hurt them. WebMD, one of the most popular used health websites in the world, has reported that exercising during the day leads to improved mental clarity.

Sometimes instead of trying to get all work done in one sitting is not good for most. WebMD suggests to take a break from it. Intramural sports are the perfect break.

College students may have some serious stress in their lives and intramurals is an easy way to get away from all of that.

Now, for those who are looking for more than just something to get away from doing schoolwork, intramurals is also for them. Students can get very competitive with one another. It creates something students can get recognized for., a popular website used for intramurals, even keeps stats and records as the season goes along. It gives students something to brag about and follow as their respective Intramural seasons go along.

Intramurals may not be as competitive as actual sports at Southern, but they come pretty close. The big difference is people don’t have to tryout for intramurals, they can join whatever sport they want. Once again, no excuse not to join.

Whether someone is looking for an easy way to meet some new friends or something to get those competitive juices flowing again intramural sports can open up a lot for them.

With warm weather on the horizon different intramural sports like outdoor soccer, Frisbee, and softball will be opening up. Get involved before it’s too late.


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