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Moving beyond the dreaded two-year mark

 SAMANTHA MCKELVIE — Staff Writer The two-year mark: a relationship death sentence or a test of real love? According to most testimonials I’ve heard, the two-year mark in a relationship is when

Health and wellness get exercised at Fair

05/04/2010 By: Kaitlyn Naples General Assignment Reporter The Health and Wellness Fair was last Tuesday in the Student Center Ballroom. Greg Johnson, a Southern graduate, said it was an excellent way of

Spring allergies pose problems for students

04/28/2010 By: Allison England Staff Writer All across Southern’s campus, tissues are in high demand, red eyes are a common sight and sneezes echo throughout the hallways. Spring has arrived and with

Students prep for Relay for Life

04/28/2010 By: Ryan Morgan Staff Writer Hundreds of candles in paper bags will light up the track on May 7 at Southern’s annual Relay for Life. These luminarias represent those who have

Islam brought to the spotlight

04/28/2010 By: Kaitlyn Naples General Assignment Reporter Last week the Muslim Student Association (MSA) celebrated Islam Awareness Week. “Every day we have an event dedicated to Islam Awareness,” said president of MSA

Professors present research

04/20/2010 By: Sean Meenaghan Staff Writer I didn’t really understand this. Maybe you should ask Sean for some clarifications. I just think many Southern students will stop being interested when they stop

Yom HaShoah brings Holocaust remembrance

04/20/2010 By: Mark McCurley News Writer As a way of remembering and recognizing Yom HaShoah, or Devastation and Heroism Day for the Holocaust, students and faculty gathered on campus and shared experiences.

Hebrew now an option for students

04/20/2010 By: Caris McLaughlin Copy Editor Many Southern students have the misconception that in order to fulfill their language requirement, they must take Spanish, according to Elena Schmitt, department chair of the