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SCSU Artist Profile: Paul Fiscella

Record deal or not, senior strives to make great music

Jon MorenoArts & Entertainment Editor

Photo courtesy Paul Fiscella
Fiscella (right) and vocalist Nick Amico (left) during one of their shows.

From Stamford, Conn., Paul Fiscella, a senior music major plays bass for a band called “Sons of Atlas.” According to Fiscella, the band plays progressive metal with a mix of “some other cool flavors.” The band plans to record its demo at the end of this month. Fiscella says he plans on getting into the business aspect of the industry upon graduating from Southern. Despite the passion for making music, Fiscella says managing his own bands is something he wants to do for the rest of his life. Either way, music is embedded in him and he says he will be involved in music no matter what.

Q. Tell us where you come from, how you chose Southern and why, your major, year, tell us what makes you, you and your band, your band?

A. I’m from Stamford, Conn. I chose Southern actually because I was going to it for general ed requirements and then transfer out, but decided to stay for my entire education. I’m a fifth year senior music major. I’m me because I work hard and never give up no matter what the circumstances. My band is a mix of a bunch of genres and we are always searching for our own unique sound.

Q. How did it all start for you, what was the first moment that you realized music is a passion for you and what made you pursue it to this point?

A. I was a communications major and I was sitting in one of my communication classes thinking about the upcoming weekend and the shows my band were going to play and I said to myself, “Why the hell am I a com major?” After that class I walked into the music department and changed my major.

Q. Who are some of your favorite artists and how have they influenced you musically or personally?

A. The bands “Tool”, “Protest the Hero” and “Between the Buried and Me” never cease to amaze me. Lately I’ve really been into a band called “Animals as Leaders.” These bands are so tight and technical I can’t even take it sometimes.

Q.  Where would you like to take the music you do? Are you and your band trying to get a deal somewhere or is this simply for the love?

A. With Sons of Atlas, it’d be awesome to get a record deal and play music for a living. But if that never happens we won’t stop playing. We love playing our music and showing people the material we write. Getting a record deal would only further that love.

Q. Who has influenced you most in life (not musically) and how so?

A. My family. And they know it. They’ve supported me through everything I’ve done in my life. And also myself. I’ve always been taught that no one can influence your decisions like yourself.

Q. What is your advice to local artists trying to get their music heard or just feel discouraged sometimes? What do you do to get yourself out of a rut if you are ever in one, musically?

A. Social Media is everything these days. Make sure you keep your Facebook and Twitter up to date. If your one of those people that refuses to get either one of them, suck it up and deal. The world is changing whether you like it or not.
When I’m writing and I get stuck, I take a break and come back to it later. I find that when I’m stuck with something, keeping at it only makes it worse. I end up writing something I don’t want to write. It feels unnatural.

Q. What are you plans once you graduate from Southern?

A. When I graduate from Southern I’m going to take it easy for a little. Find a job and eventually go for a master’s degree in I don’t even know what a few years down the line. Just go wherever life takes me.

Q. What is your fondest memory here and what would you like to tell the Southern body for those who don’t know you

A. Fondest memory? That’s a hard one. Can’t really answer it. But I will say that students here need to do what they want, or else they’ll be bored for the rest of their lives. A job isn’t a job if you’re not having fun with it.

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