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‘A Rocket to the Moon’ set to take off at Lyman

Olivia RichmanGeneral Assignment Reporter

It all started in a basement. Then a few songs were posted on MySpace. Now, according to their official website, A Rocket To The Moon has been featured in the Van’s Warped Tour and Bamboozle. And most recently? A Rocket To The Moon, along with The Ready Set, are going to headlining at Southern Connecticut State University’s Welcome Back Concert.

The concert is going to be on Friday, Sept. 16. The tickets, according to one of Program’s Council’s senior programmers, Damian Gray, are all $5 for SCSU students.

“I’ve heard of (A Rocket To The Moon),” said Crystal (last name not given). “They’re different and very interesting.”

Crystal heard of A Rocket To The Moon, after her friend did a cover of one of their songs, “Fear of Flying.”

“It’s cute,” said Crystal, who said she is a fan of R&B because of the messages it sends out. “I wish I could go to the Welcome Back Concert, but I can’t because I have work.”

In fact, Crystal hasn’t gone to any of SCSU’s concerts in the past because, she said, she’s always working at Dunkin Donuts on the weekend.

DeJuan “Marc” Hill, an accountant major, has also not been to any of SCSU’s musical concerts because he was in his dorm room “chillin.’”

“I like jazz, classical composition, hip-hop and R&B,” he said of his musical preferences. “My favorite song at the moment is Wale’s ‘The Theory, 11/1111.”

Hill has never heard of either of the bands playing at the Welcome Back Concert. And neither has Ray “The 408” Fagan.

“Nope,” he said, when asked, “never heard of them.”

Even so, both Brownell residents will be going to the Welcome Back Concert, even though they said they hadn’t heard of it until the interview.

“What Welcome Back Concert?” said Hilll. “Hell yeah I’m going. I have to see a concert for a class.”

Fagan agreed.

“I might go,” he said.

Most students on campus have never heard of A Rocket To The Moon or The Ready Set, who have been around since 2007. Jordan Witzigreuter is the solo act of The Ready Set and had once stated, “The Ready Set always is, always has been and always will be just me.”

Jessica Kobialka, a social work major at SCSU, said she will not be going to the concert because ,“I’d rather spend my Friday night doing something else.”

Kobialka, who usually listens to acoustic and indie music, said she had a strong opinion towards the two bands.

“I heard of them through friends,” she said. “I personally don’t really like them.”


“I don’t like the genre of music. It’s like pop rock,” she said. “Thirteen year old girls like them.”

Dave McQuade had never heard of them.

“I don’t want to listen to these bands,” said McQuade, a social work major, “I’m going to a friend’s birthday party anyway.”

Mike Tweedie, a political science major who’s favorite song is Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Night,” said he heard of the concert through friends but doesn’t think he’s going to go because he’s never heard of the bands and will be out of the state on vacation.

So why did ProCon choose two acts that not many people have heard of?

“They were chosen within the concert committee of ProCon,” said Gray. “Brittany Magruder (the senior programmer of the concert committee) usually gets feedback from students on acts for concerts.”

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