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Sports Commentary: Sorry Plax, no remorse for the gun-toting idiot


Plaxico Burress is finally back in the NFL after being out of the game since the 2008 season.  If you don’t remember, Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh while dancing at a nightclub and then took the unregistered weapon over state lines. He was sent to jail for two years.
Little did we know, Burress is a very sensitive person who needed to be visited in jail and cuddled with.
In a recent interview, Plaxico ripped his former coach Tom Coughlin, saying that Coughlin wasn’t a good coach. He said if someone on the team made a mistake Coughlin would yell at that player, and wouldn’t comfort them.
He also took shots at Giants quarterback Eli Manning earlier in the summer for not coming to visit him in prison.
Is Burress really surprised that no one wanted to see him in prison, or that no one reached out to him when he got out a prison?
Hello Plax your team was 10-1 when you shot yourself, you idiot, they were on the way to possibly repeating as Super Bowl champions, and you shot yourself. You want people to feel bad for you? Are you serious?
You have no right to say anything bad about anybody. Look in the mirror, and look at that excuse of a person.
Everyone knows you took the contract with the Jets because they were the only team to give you a guaranteed a contract, and they even cutely threw in the extra $17,000 on top of the $3 million because you wear number 17.
I am not upset, nor do I think any Giants fans are upset that you went to go sign with their overstayed tenants.  But don’t take shots at your former team because of your mistake.  Because you stupidly thought it was “cool” and it gave you “swag” to show off your gun in a club, not even having it in a holster. You thought it was cool to shove it in your sweatpants, what were you thinking? Or were you not thinking at all?
People in America like the comeback story, we all do, even if it’s Michael Vick coming back from jail and being a star again.  We will all be cheering for Tiger Woods, even if you say otherwise, if and when he gets back to his form.  But I cannot bring myself to ever being happy for Plaxico Burress, I don’t wish bad upon on him, but I cannot forgive him for for his selfish act.
He ripped on Coughlin for not cuddling him; he ripped on Eli for not coming to see him jail. You should look in mirror and look at what you do before you even think of saying something about someone else, Plax.
And hey, Rex Ryan is a pretty big man, I am sure you could cuddle all day in that stomach. Just don’t let him touch your feet, that might be weird.


  1. Aren’t receivers known for being oversensitive babies? I think he’s just playing into the stereotype to get press (and the interest of the Jets). If he keeps playing well for the Jets, then no one will remember what an idiot he really is.

    • Nice job Pete. As my freind would say, if he wasn’t a football player he would be a truck driver making $200/week. If he makes great catches and the Jets do well this season and the playoffs all will be forgotten. But it is a long season. Let’s see what happens. Don’t forget i’m a Jet fan, don’t pick on our overweight coach 🙂

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