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Wilkinson Hall construction noise disrupts residents

Sofia Rositani — Reporter

Wilkinson Hall recently started its construction, and it has caused some problems with the residents.

The noises got so bad that the lobby has a sign saying, “There are earplugs available at the front desk for residents during the construction.”

Getting the construction to start was a process, including tinting the windows and now putting wood over the windows.

“I know some people don’t like it, but I love it, because I took a really good nap. It was so dark throughout the day, and it’s perfect,” said psychology major Hannah Rosario, a freshman. “However, I can see why people wouldn’t like it, because it really dims the room almost pitch black.”

The biggest problem as of now, is the noise. It has caused those who have late classes to wake up at hours they are not used to waking up at, especially after a long night of getting work done.

“Ultimately, it’s not so bad that they’re doing it to make the building nicer and safer, but it’s annoying, because it has interrupted a lot of naps and study sessions,” said Rosario, “and there are times when I’m reading and all I hear is [construction noises].”

Business marketing major, Drequan Walker, a freshman, said he has not been missing sleep due to the noise because he does not have early classes, however, it is still frustrating.

“I have to wake up way earlier than I need to wake up, and sometimes I do late hours because I have to study. It’s pretty annoying,” said Walker.

The only solution Walker said he was able to come up with was earmuffs, which the lobby offers, however, they have not done much for some residents. “There is a lot of noise at really early in the morning cuts in from nap times,” said sports management major Wes Legaro, a freshman.

“Like, after my first class, like, usually on Monday and Wednesday, I try to nap after my first class, but they are jack-hammering really early. It’s really hard to tune out the noise.”

Legare also said the smells coming from the construction have not caused any problems, even though he does smell gas and scrap metal from time to time.

However, Robert DeMezzo, director of the Resident Life, did get a very bad headache from just going in and smelling the place.

Some students said they got used to the smell to and they can no longer smell
it or that it has gone away and returns from time to time when the construction continues for an extended period.

“I don’t know if they can help anything. I think it would have been a better idea for them to try and move it back to when we are on vacation,” said Legar.

“It’s kind of annoying with everyone in the building, but once we are off in November, they could have made it a little faster than.”

Wilkinson Hall will begin tinting windows during the winter break, so construction will be set to begin in the summer and fall.

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