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Wilkinson construction on hold until the summer

Ellie Sherry — Reporter After a few weeks of construction on the Wilkinson dorm building, and planned construction on the other straight-line dorms except for Farnham, construction will now be stopped until the summer of 2020. The construction on the buildings was originally planned due to corrosion underneath the majority of the window sills on the outside of the buildings.

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Wilkinson Hall construction noise disrupts residents

Sofia Rositani — Reporter Wilkinson Hall recently started its construction, and it has caused some problems with the residents. The noises got so bad that the lobby has a sign saying, “There are earplugs available at the front desk for residents during the construction.” Getting the construction to start was a process, including tinting the windows and now putting wood over

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Steam line burst near Earl Hall; Solar panel project moves forward

Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer An approximately 25-year-old steam line has burst outside of Earl Hall, and according to Robert Sheeley, associate vice president for capital budgeting & facilities operations, the condensation, not steam, emerging from the ground alerted there is a hot water leak underground. The university became aware of the leak about a month or two ago, he said. Because

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Buley Library’s new addition brings new technology

Jessica Teixeira – Special to the Southern News  With all the new technology being added to the new addition of Buley library, John O. Young, Director of IT Support Services, reminisces about his 38 years at Southern and how he’s seen first hand how the library has expanded technologically over decades. “There was only one computer on campus then,” Young

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