Annual Clery Report reveals progression in university safety

Jackson Volenec Reporter

The University Police released their annual Clery Report, a document that shows detailed statistics on all crimes committed in recent years, along with other important information regarding the laws on campus.

The report shows that there were six cases of rape, all in residential facilities in 2018. This is a rise from 2017’s instances of the three that were reported in the report. There were also ten instances of stalking, and five reported instances of fondling on campus.

In the email that was sent to all students, staff, and faculty last Monday, the university police addressed sexual assault, as well as how to report an assault if one should become a victim or witness to an sexual assault. They also mentioned the Support and Resource Team that provides support to any sexual assault victim.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to provide optimal safety measures and support systems the university has a Support and Resource Team that provides a collaborative team response to sexual assault,” said Chief of the Southern Police Joseph Dooley, said in his school wide email.

Additionally, there were 73 liquor law violations at Southern that were reported in 2018.

This was a significantly lower number compared to the 221 that were reported in 2017 and the 318 the year before.

In addition to this, there were 27 liquor law arrests last year, which was a slight increase from 2017’s 24 arrests.

There were 60 reported drug abuse violations that were referred for disciplinary action, and all instances happened in a residential facility in 2018. This was more than 25 percent higher than the previous year, which had 44 violations. There were also 30 drug abuse arrests last year, 16 of them in a residential area on campus.

This number has been on a steady decline since 2016, with it going from 48,
to 34 in 2017, to the newest statistic added According to the report, there has been no hate crimes, at least no reported ones on campus since 2009, where a single anti-Jewish/gay bias was reported.

The University’s dedication to social justice, diversity, and the welcoming of all groups of people regardless of their background has proven successful with this statistic, showing that students are peacefully coexisting together.

In addition to the crime statistics provided in the report, there was an outline of the general safety policies that all members of the Southern community need to be familiar with. This includes the campus-wide policies on overnight guest policies in the dorms, as well as the official policies on alcohol and drugs on campus.

In the report, the University Police goes into detail of the measures that they have taken on campus to prevent crimes, such as the Live Safe App and the Blue Light System.

The Live Safe App is a free software that allows you to report tips to the university police, as well as place emergency calls, and provides access to other safety resources. The Live Safe allows students to remain anonymous in any report they make to the university police.

Photo credit: Izzy Manzo

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