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Annual Clery Report reveals progression in university safety

Jackson Volenec — Reporter The University Police released their annual Clery Report, a document that shows detailed statistics on all crimes committed in recent years, along with other important information regarding the laws on campus. The report shows that there were six cases of rape, all in residential facilities in 2018. This is a rise from 2017’s instances of the

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Alcohol, drugs dominate campus Clery Reports

The following analysis reviewing Clery Reports at Connecticut public universities was put together by News Writing students Jeniece Roman, Sandra Gomez-Aceves, Melissa Nunez, Sherly Montes, Ali Sorbara, Alex Palmieri, Lynandro Simmons, Karlie Borges, Megan Grabowski, Britany Howard, Dan Zumpano, Adrianna Rochester, Chris Kuczo, Mihai Tripp, Jared Klim and Abigail O’Keefe. Drug and alcohol use lay among the the largest numbers

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Police continues to battle campus crime

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  The numbers are in. Chief Dooley said the campus police force and faculty are working hard to decrease the few offenses that have increased since 2013’s edition of the Clery Report was released and crime in general in the university. This year’s edition of the Clery Report that was recently released includes campus statistics

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