Meet the Greeks showcases Greek life at Southern

Victoria BresnahanGeneral Assignment Reporter

Michael Archer, member of Alpha Phi Delta, said the bond he has with his fraternity is for a lifetime.

“This is, like, something that I know that 20 years from now, if I really need one of these guys,” said Archer, “and I reach out to them, I know one of them—no matter where I am—will jump on a plane, get in their car, come to my side if I need it.”

During the Meet the Greeks event on Tuesday, Jan. 23 in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom sororities and fraternities set up tables and spoke to students interested in rushing for their organization. The event featured video presentations displaying what each organization offers and breakout sessions for students considering Greek life, according to the event’s schedule.

Archer, sophomore and biology major, said he had rushed a few other fraternities in his freshman year but did not commit to them.

“Knowing there is someone out there who really has my back and that really cares for me—and I generally know that—there is no greater feeling,” said Archer.

Steph Soete, junior and recruitment chair for Omega Zeta Pi, said her sorority is a local organization and is only found on Southern’s campus. It is cool to know this sorority is the only one who wears the letters Omega Zeta Pi, said Soete.

“All of our sisters went to Southern at some point,” said Soete. “So, it really makes us different from all the other organizations.”

Several of the organizations discussed their philanthropies, which Soete said is an organization a sorority fundraises for. Make-a-Wish Foundation is Omega Zeta Pi’s philanthropy said Soete.

“This past semester we were able to write a check for $2,500.00 to Make-a-Wish Foundation,” said Soete. “In the past we’ve been able to help and grant a couple of wishes, so it has been awesome.”

According to a 2014 Gallup Poll, of more than the 30,000 college graduates, those who were a part of Greek life are more likely to be ‘thriving in their well-being’ and engaged in their job than those who did not belong to a fraternity or sorority.

Sivan Tepper, junior and social chair for Omega Zeta Pi, said she has met the greatest people in the world by being a part of her sorority.

“It is interesting, because a lot of people have their thoughts of what [a] sorority is like,” said Tepper, “but I think we break every stereotype that there is. We are not a run of the mill sorority. We like to be unique and different. We appreciate everyone for being different.”

Nina Kestenbaum, senior and member of Delta Phi Epsilon, said each sorority is different but they are all working towards the same goal.

“[Such as] bettering our community, shaping individuals in the Southern community to be the best they can be, honing leadership skills [and] keeping academics up is really important,” said Kestenbaum.

Be yourself and find people you can click with, Kestenbaum said for those considering joining Greek life.

“Look for what matters to [you], not necessarily what each and every organization is looking for,” said Kestenbaum. “So just be [yourself] and find where [you] feel comfortable being.”

Photo Credit: Victoria Bresnahan

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