Students discuss tuition increase set for Fall

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter 

Plans call for a five percent increase at all of the state universities in Connecticut, aside from the University of Connecticut. Even community college tuitions will be increased at a 3.5 percent rate to nearly $4,200 a year.

The total list price for an in-state Connecticut resident living on campus at SCSU is approximately $22,000. With a five percent increase to this price, residents will be looking at roughly $23,100. This is a $1,100 increase that will begin to take place in the fall.

Faith Smith, junior business major, said she thinks she is paying enough money as it is as a transfer student. While paying out of state tuition fees, Smith said it can be a difficult challenge as of now. With the increase, Smith said it will be even more of a challenge.

“It really hurts me on a financial standpoint for sure,” said Smith. “I can’t get the in-state tuition either so that hurts even more.”

Smith said that while five percent may not seem like much, it is because it is more money out of students’ pockets. She said this increase of tuition can factor in on students’ decisions to go to college.

“Money is a big factor nowadays because it is so hard to come by,” said Smith. “Five percent is a pretty decent increase.”

Valerie Crawford, junior organizational communications major, said the tuition increase will greatly impact everyone that goes to any colleges in Connecticut. She said even if students do not pay attention to the news, this is one thing everyone should be aware of.

“A lot of students will be upset about this scenario,” said Crawford. “I live on campus so the tuition will hit me pretty hard I think.”

Crawford said though students may be upset, there is nothing that can be done about the situation. Since the tuition is going up, she said students are going to just have to deal with it if they want an education.

“In the grand scheme of things,” said Crawford, “the money debt is just adding up at the end of the day anyway. We have to just accept it.”

With the increase of tuition expected to happen to 17 state schools within Connecticut, James Manzo, freshman accounting major, said it will probably force him to have to take out more loans to attempt to pay for his tuition. He said there is really no escaping the tuition increase, since it is happening to nearly every school in the state.

“I’m a commuter so it will not impact me that much,” said Manzo. “But an increase is an increase, and who wants to pay more money?”

Manzo works during the school year and said more of a percentage is going to have to go to school now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. While he said he does not want to pay more, Manzo added it is really the only option that he has at this point.

“It’s just the thought of more money that makes me cringe,” said Manzo.

Justin Paolillo, freshman business management major, said there is no other option other than to just pay the five percent increase. While he said taking out loans were not originally in the plan, Paolillo said he’s going to have to do what he can to get the proper education.

“Ultimately just about all of the colleges are increasing tuition,” said Paolillo. “Southern has great education so the five percent increase is not too much to worry about.”

Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas


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