Staying motivated for the rest of spring semester

Taylor Nicole Richards – News Writer

After spring break ends, there’s about six weeks left to the semester. At this time, winter weather clears up, the days are longer and temperatures start rising. More students are outside, either on the quads playing frisbee, laying in the grass, or sitting on ledges in front of buildings or dorms. The time between the end of spring break to the end of the semester is when students finally start to feel the “spring” in spring semester.

“I get more energy when the weather warms up,” said Chris Parisi, senior music major. “I want to do things like hike up west rock or just lay around outside because the new warmth feels good and sometimes those take priority [over focusing on school.]”

Warm weather, spring break’s week of doing nothing, and the fact that school is about to be out for the summer (or forever for seniors) can leave class work in the back of student’s heads. Trudging through the tail end of the academic year can be harder for some students than it is for others. Carlin Huckel, english major, calls the time period after spring break a “weird time” for her.

“I’m excited that the semester is almost over and I’m motivated to finish on a strong note but I’m also simultaneously like, well, it’s almost over, so it doesn’t really matter,” Huckel said.

It’s important to remember that even though it’s the end of the year, grades in this time period are definitely not meaningless. Some students are burnt out, but Marta Brzostowska, a freshman, is making sure not to get distracted.

“This is my first spring semester in college. By now I’ve finally figured out the most efficient way to get my work done here,” said Brzostowska. “I know that when I need bang out an essay, I’ll go to the library for however long I need to stay there because I know I’ll get work done there better than in my dorms.”

Parisi said that the status of his grades after midterms come out is a deciding factor in his motivation after spring break. If he’s not doing as well as he needs to be, he’ll be more efficient in writing down all of his work and due dates to make sure he doesn’t miss anything.

The attitude of students’ motivation after spring break varies with each person’s individual habits. Although Huckel said she’s conflicted during this time, she admitted to putting in the same amount of effort that she usually does with school work. Brzostowska thought it was “funny” to be leaving for the year once she finally got in her own groove with her studying and work habits.

“I am going to be happy when school is out though, who isn’t?” said Brzostowska. “It’s going to be nice to be free so soon and not have to start worrying about school for another almost four months. I want to see all my hard work paid off then I can actually start to relax.”

Exams start on May 9 and the semester ends that week. Graduation will be on May 20.

Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas

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