Future Senior Plans for Class of 2016

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

It is hard to believe SCSU students are in the final month of the fall semester. It is even harder for seniors to believe that graduation is right around the corner.

Brenda Whittingham, Class of 2016 president said, “This year the senior class has a lot in store to celebrate the achievements of our fantastic seniors!”

On Oct. 20, in the Adanti Student Center ballroom, the Class of 2016 held a “200 Days” celebrate to commemorate the fact that there were only 200 more days until graduation. The event was catered by Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was a celebration for seniors to eat and mingle with their classmates.

“On Nov. 19 from 6-8 p.m. at Ordinary Restaurant and Bar we are hosting a cocktail night with SCSU Alumni,” Whittingham said. “This will give seniors a chance to network with Alumni and make connections that can help them post-graduation. Transportation will be provided.”

Networking activities such as these give seniors a taste of the real world, and give them the opportunity to make meaningful connections with SCSU alumni, to start the employment process, dreaded by all at graduation.

Another event the Class of 2016 is planning is a benefit night.

“We will be having a benefit night at TGIFriday’s on Nov. 12 from 4-11 p.m. Benefit nights are designed for students to go to the restaurant, show the flier before placing an order and a portion of the night’s proceeds will be given to the Class of 2016,” Whittingham said. “We use this money to help bring down the cost of the senior trip.”

Various fundraising events will take place throughout both fall and spring semesters to raise fund to bring down the price of the senior trip.

But, no doubt, the most exciting senior event that the Class of 2016 is planning in the Senior Trip, a time-honored tradition at SCSU.

Whittingham said there will be a Kick-Off Event on Dec. 1.

“The location of the trip will be announced via email Nov. 16 and on Dec. 1 they will be able to begin their payment and put a down payment down,” she said. “This event is for the seniors who sign up for the senior trip the first day it goes live.”

The Class of 2016 is also planning to take measures to ensure that the December graduates are not left out of the efforts. The Class of 2016 will be selling balloons and flowers at the December graduation for the families and friends.

The plans do not end in the fall semester. The Class of 2016 is in the beginning stages of planning events for the spring semester as well.

Whittingham said, “Some new ideas include the sales of Alumni shirts, Senior Class address books, a Benefit night at Buffalo Wild Wings, Casino Night, which would be an overnight trip, a Senior Ball, a 100 Day Celebration, Paint Night and Wine, a Senior Talent Show, and a “What’s Next?” Workshop.”

None of these events are set in stone yet, though Whittingham would like to see a Senior Week happen, in order to fit in as many events as possible.

Photo Credit: Staff Photo 


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