Seven swastikas found on women’s bathroom stall

The image shows the bathroom stall door with the black symbols. 

Anisa Jibrell – News Writer

Seven swastikas were discovered in a women’s bathroom in the B wing of Engleman Hall. The swastikas were scrawled in black on a door of one of the bathroom stalls and it is currently unknown how long the swastikas have been there.


This stall door is located in the women’s bathroom in the B Wing in Engleman Hall.

News of the Nazi symbols has left SCSU students like junior political science major, Bryan McCarthy, both shocked and confused.

“It’s childish. I don’t know why grown adults are drawing swastikas in the school. I doesn’t really make any sense, you’re not getting anything out of this,” said McCarthy. “And obviously they should be covered up. “

“I think for the most part SCSU is a very tolerant community and I think it’s really sad that kind of hate exists here,” said Miranda Curnane, junior psychology major.

Some students are rattled by disbelief while others like junior, Courtney Clark, are overwhelmed with disappointment.

“You would think that all the process that we’ve made as a country nowadays people would be more open and accepting of others. But it just shows that even though we’ve made progress there’s still a long way to go.”

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