Today: Jul 24, 2024



Louis Deluca Advises Students How to Budget

For some students, managing money, including financial aid can be a nightmare. Between refund checks, loan names, interest rates and account information, students often make crucial mistakes in the loan lending process.

Students petition against tuition increase

Aaron Berkowitz & Hannah Spreckley – News Writer and Editor-in-Chief  Taking out yet another loan to pay for school is a prospect that Diane Lazarus, junior journalism major, has tried to avoid

Students reminded to apply for FAFSA

Jene Thomas – General Assignment Reporter  With the approaching F.A.F.S.A submission deadline, Southern’s financial aid office has been placing helpful hints for students all around campus to submit the form. “Well, not

Easy ways to save money in college

Emili Lanno – Copy Editor  As college students I’m pretty sure we can all agree that our dollars are limited after schooling and spending massive amounts on textbooks. Even though it may