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Turning Point moves forward in club process

Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer At the final Student Government Association meeting of the fall 2018 semester, with a vote of eight in favor and nine abstentions, Turning Point was officially inducted as a club on campus. “Our main purpose in coming here on campus is to unite everybody despite their political views,” said Jenna Dower, president of Turning Point, at the

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Confusion over recent U.S. involvement in Syria

Melissa Nunez – Opinions and Features Editor After a lethal chemical attack with a deadly nerve agent leaving countless Syrian children and families dead or critically wounded, President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike to the AL Shayrat Airfield in direct response to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad’s decision to murder so many innocent people. According to Politifact, Trump’s desire for

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Students weigh in on the candidates

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter        Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the most unpopular major party candidates on record, especially when compared to the 2012 elections. Both have unfavorable ratings of more than 50 percent, according to recent NPR polls. Many are deciding to vote for a third-party candidate instead of picking Trump or Clinton,

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Connecticut Primary: A disappointment

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter  Tuesday April 26, 2016 was the day for residents of Connecticut to hit the polls to choose their party’s presidential nominee. With plenty of buzz about Donald Trump’s ideas and Hillary Clinton’s second time running for presidency, the primary is served to be something entertaining for all Connecticut citizens. This past weekend, Trump held two rallies

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Are Young Voters Letting Bernie Sanders Down?

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter Increased support for Bernie Sanders on social media does not match the polls because college age students would rather seek online gratification versus actually taking action by going out and voting, said Melissa Pendergast, senior history major. “I think it is easier for them online to say they support an opinion but when it actually comes

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