Connecticut Primary: A disappointment

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter 

Tuesday April 26, 2016 was the day for residents of Connecticut to hit the polls to choose their party’s presidential nominee. With plenty of buzz about Donald Trump’s ideas and Hillary Clinton’s second time running for presidency, the primary is served to be something entertaining for all Connecticut citizens. This past weekend, Trump held two rallies in Connecticut – one in Bridgeport and one in Waterbury. John Kasich also made a visit a few weeks prior to the primary.

As far as the total amount of polls, there are 46,492 Democratic voters in Connecticut and 21,448 Republicans. With nearly 77,000 people who voted, SCSU students were feeling motivated to vote, some even for the first time.

Curtis Szczesiul, junior interdisciplinary studies major, said he was excited for the primary vote because it was his first time voting. He said he is a Republican and would vote for Trump on the Republican Party because he looks like he can keep promises.

“Trump may seem like a nutcase to some people,” said Szczesiul. “But I don’t think he’s going to take anything from anybody. He seems firm in his beliefs and plans to make this country better.”

Though Szczesiul said he did not attend any Trump rallies, he said he likes what Trump stands for. Szczesiul said Trump looks like a man that will keep his promises and make America great again. He added he is excited because Trump looks like a clear-cut favorite to go on to the presidential election in the fall.

“It looks like Trump is the favorite for the Republican Party,” said Szczesiul. “That’s why I’m not shocked one bit that he won. I knew he would win.”

Steve Bloszko, junior education major, said he cannot vote because he is registered as an Independent. He said if he could vote, he would vote for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party.

“I like what Bernie says because he just seems very honest about his ideas,” said Bloszko. “He seems like a man of his word.”

Bloszko said he expected the results that occurred in the primary election. He said he saw Trump winning because he attracts a lot of people; and he said he saw Clinton winning because people want to see a woman president for the first time. Bloszko added the results really shouldn’t have been a shock to the majority of people.

“I think everyone saw these results coming to be honest,” said Bloszko. “I think the majority of people like Trump or Clinton.”

With the final results, both Trump and Clinton were victorious in Connecticut. Stephanie Owens, senior pre-nursing major, was not too thrilled about the results of the primary election that took place.

“I was surprised about the results,” said Owens. “I would have preferred Bernie Sanders. I was disappointed in the final results; I did not want Trump or Clinton to win.”

Though Trump cleaned house with roughly 60 percent of votes, Owens said she’d rather see anyone else but him in the presidential race. She added the election is more of a popularity contest rather than an election.

“It’s like these people are trying to be on new TV shows,” said Owens. “Clinton or Trump can be in charge of our country within months. The sad part is they’re too busy being trying to be celebrities instead of leaders.”

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


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