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University’s epidemiologist talks coronavirus

Jacob Waring – News Editor COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, has impacted the lives of Southern students and the lives of everyone on a global scale. Not much is known about the novel virus but John Nwangwu, a professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases at Southern and a global health expert at various universities, knows more about the virus than the average person. Nwangwu has the expertise to provide answers about COVID-19. His

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COVID-19 impacts students’ mental health

Amanda Cavoto – Arts & Entertainment Editor The COVID-19 pandemic has already and will continue to disrupt the lives of students across the university. As they adapt to a virtual lifestyle, their mental health may not adapt so easily. Nursing major Sierra Agard, a senior, said when the university originally announced going online until April 5, it was something she could handle. “As soon as they announced [going online for

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Digital divide apparent in COVID-19 outbreak

Jessica Guerrucci – Managing Editor  As the coronavirus outbreak in the United States has pushed universities to an all online learning platform, students who have limited or no access to technology or Internet have been forced to face what is known as the “digital divide.”   “I don’t have Wi-Fi at home,” said sociology major Tahmia Simms, a junior, in a phone interview, “so, I’m

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Southern athletics shut down as COVID-19 threat increases

Hunter O. Lyle – Sports Editor Sam Tapper – Sports Writer In response to the rapidly developing pandemic of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, Southern has chosen to immediately shut down and move all classes online, a decision that has also stopped any and all athletics in their tracks. “This is serious stuff,” said Southern Athletic Director Jay Moran. “This is

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Panic buying and preparing for a pandemic

Izzy Manzo – Photo Editor As COVID-19 leads to campus closures, capping public gatherings at 250 people, and the very real question as to whether or not the United States could experience a mass lockdown. In response, people across the country have taken to “panic buying” to ensure that they would have enough supplies to last the pandemic. On one hand,

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