Southern ranked fifth in online education in the state

Jackson Volenec Reporter

A recent list from the SR Education Group has ranked Southern as the fifth highest ranked school in Connecticut for online bachelor’s degrees giving praise to the university’s benefits.

“SR Education Group publishes national and by-state rankings based on accreditation, alumni salary data and affordability,” said Wash Kirkland in a press release regarding the list.

SR Education Group went through over 2,000 online colleges nationally,
to determine which ones are the best potential options for future students.

The SR Group had ranked the schools by their returns on investments, factoring in tuition costs and the value of their degrees given through taking online courses.

Southern was mentioned in this list in the top five out of 24 different Connecticut schools. The list had mentioned several different reasons for its high ranking. The list had mentioned Southern’s variety of online programs available to students, including their library and information science program.

They also stated that nursing students looking for online classes will most likely find Southern to be a great option, as there is a full online bachelor’s degree program available.

“Southern Connecticut State University, the #5 ranked school [in Connecticut], is an excellent option for registered nurses seeking an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing,” it says on the list.

They also distinguish Southern from competing schools because it is officially regionally accredited school from the Department of Education, which is the
most reputable form of validation a school can receive.

The list also mentioned that Southern takes good advantage of several learning methods, as well as having several online courses available all year on campus.

“Most online programs make use of both synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities. Additionally, most programs have start dates in both the fall and spring to accommodate students as much as possible.”

Many students at Southern, even if they are not looking to receive an online degree, have taken classes online before. They are typically seen as a fast, convenient, and affordable option when you are in need of obtaining credits, and the wide variety of classes available make it easy for students to implement them.

“I took an online math class last year, and I’m taking another one this semester,” said English major Patrick Kearney, sophomore.

“At first I was not sure if I would’ve liked taking an online class, but I quickly realized that it’s actually a great option, especially if it’s not a class that you’re focusing on.”

Online classes are seen as very affordable as well, as the average annual tuition of an online student is only $5,924, a number that is significantly lower than its competitors.

This number is a sizable difference compared that to other highly ranking schools, such as University of New Haven, the number one ranking school, with an annual online tuition of over $20,000.

“Registering for an online class was not a big financial burden or anything,” Kearney said. “I figured it was going to cost about as much as a regular course would, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise.”

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