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Homecoming kicked off with an abundance of spirit

Jacob WaringOnline Editor

The 2019 Homecoming had food trucks jammed packed with lines and students and alumni exuberantly supporting the football team.

Homecoming was not confined to one Saturday, but was a weeklong affair according to Eric LaCharity, the associate director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.

“We had bingo, we had 106 and park sponsored by a couple of our student organizations. We had trivia, which ended up not happening because of the power outage,” LaCharity said. “We tried to make it a week-long [event].”

The homecoming rally occurred the Thursday before homecoming, during which was where the various SCSU dance teams and showed off their dance skills. Students participated in games such as the halfcourt shot and half-court football toss to where if they succeed they could win prizes such as a game system like PlayStation 4.

According to business administration major John Perry, a senior, said they collaborated with the Blue Crew in making the rally possible. He also said that the pep rally is ripe with Southern’s own charms.

“Southern has our own little charming spirit. We’re not the biggest state college,” said Perry. “We all have our own flavor and our own style.” English major Madison Alexis, a sophomore participated in the halfcourt football toss. Students would sign up to participate in the various activities and be randomly selected and Alexis was one of them.

“I really did not think they were going to choose me. It was just for ha-has,” she said. “Then they chose me and then I embarrassed myself.”

She was one of the many students who enjoyed the rally and said those involved really did put the pep in the rally itself.

“I think the dance teams were amazing.” She said “They did a really good job on the activities. They’re kind of getting the crowd moving.

The annual 5k Bob Corda race took place in the early morning of Homecoming once again.

Melissa Stoll, women’s cross country/track and field coach said that Bob Corda was a long-time employee of Soutern who left enough of a mark on the institution to have a scholarship named in his honor following his death. The 5k benefitted the Bob Corda Scholarship fund.

“[Bob Corda] was an avid runner. He would do this homecoming race every year. So really loyal to that. And I wanted to continue the tradition,” Stoll said. This year’s winner was Pat Long of North Haven who crossed the finish line with the time of 18 minutes. Steven Cuomo of the Rolling Thunder, last year’s winner, came in second place,

In the imminent aftermath of crossing the race, Long said that he felt good winning despite feeling exhausted.

“I’m tired, but it was
good. The weather was actually really nice. Kept you nice and cool while you were running. And it was a good course. So, I feel pretty good considering I just finished the race.”

Lot 9 was transformed into bustling carnival where students enjoyed free food, thrilling rides and awaited to watch the annual tailgate parade featuring various campus clubs and organizations to be the best “floats” with their decorated golf clubs and their own creative ingenuity.

The swing ride was the Swinger which swung occupants around in a circle. Another ride at the tailgate was the Sizzler which where ride goers would side in a seat shaped like a car and be taken for a dizzying ride.

The Scat was one student said they were hesitant to ride due to its vertiginous speeds.

Many students said that they were having a blast with the carnival rides and delicious food, one of those students was Biotechnology major, Jennifer Guluzy, a freshman who said that she had more fun than she had expected. Guluzy said she had a blast on the rides.

“I went on one of the rides, I went on the swings,” she said, “It was awesome.” Environmental system and sustainability major, Shawn Odei-Ntiri, a junior was dressed as Sharpay as part of his hall flout routine which was based around High School musical.

“I thought the crowd was ecstatic to see the float, myself in the dress and they were really enthusiastic, and they gave a lot of energy and that really helped us perform well,” said OdeiNtiri.

He said volunteered as a joke and the joke ended up becoming reality to where he said that he went out and bought the costume and committed to the role.

President Joe Bertolino said he was impressed with the student’s creativity. “Some were very creative, I’m very impressed. So, no one can say our students don’t come to the table with a creative, creative background” he said “So it was fun. People having fun. That’s really what it’s about.”

The Southern’s football team lost by three points against New Haven. They attempted a late-game comeback but fell short.

Many in the stands on Southern side were animated with every near-catch, first downs and touchdown scored.

Gabriella Della Monica, an alumnus who graduated in December of 2018 said that the home team should have done much better.

‘We had about five minutes left and the quarterback, it was a long pass and there were a few receivers and he chose receiver that was covered,” Grant said. “There was one receiver that was open, No. 1. And I think [if]he chose No. 1. It would’ve been different.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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