Faculty recognized for grants

Jacob Waring — Online Editor

The university held the first Grant Recognition Reception on Oct. 11 to recognize faculty and staff for their pursuit of funds for their projects.

“We are pleased to be recognizing the hard work ,dedication and creativity of our faculty staff in pursuing and securing external grants for research services and scholarly programs” said Christine Broadbridge, executive director of research & innovation.

Broadbridge said such activities were essential in supporting the institution’s mission of academic excellence.

According to Broadridge, getting the money is difficult but spending it is also a challenge this is where Amy Taylor, director of sponsored programs and research, came in.

Taylor said to those in attendance that the year would not have been “one for the history books,” without the faculty and staff that sat before her.

“If you do not have an idea and a project in mind and a need for money, and we’re willing to work with us to submit the projects” she said. “we wouldn’t have that success.”

Robert Prezant, provost & vice president of academic affairs held up the Peer Reviewed Publications from the years 2017 to 2019.

He said that there were 497 peer reviewed publications and chapters within that booklet.

According to Prezant, the university has a three-part goal in striving to be the best teaching institution, best institution for scholarship and the best institution in community support in Connecticut.

“Their hard work really and truly represents what Southern is and more importantly what we do for the greater academic community and the Greater New Haven Connecticut community,” Prezant said.

Prezant and other presenters gave out certificates to those in the special awards category.

All grants and their dollar amount were noted in a brochure that was distributed to everyone at the reception.

Associate professor of special education was one of the awardees for her project, “Possible Selves and Self-Determination: Improving Transitioning Outcomes for High School Students with Disabilities.” She said without the money received then the project would not be doable.

“It’s very meaningful; it’s very meaningful to our students with learning disabilities in the in the High School in Connecticut,” she said.

Jermaine Wright, associate vice president of student affairs said he and his team received a grant for “Promoting Academically Successful Students Program” and a certificate in recognition.

Wright said that acknowledging those who received grants goes a long way in terms of saying “We notice you, and we appreciate you.” It is validation for those who often put forth blood, sweat and tears for the sake of the students.

According to Wright, they do this as a labor of love.

“You’re celebrating folks for the good work that they do and oftentimes it’s a labor of love. Individuals do this because they’re committed to the work, committed to our students,” he said.

Prezant said that he recognized the importance of validating and recognizing the hard work that the university’s faculty and staff are doing, as making it known to the Southern community is better than being silent about it.

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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