New program introduced to tackle procrastination

Anna DeSimoneContributor

As part of the new SCSU University Community Hour program, the Academic Success Center kicked off their first ever Fri-YAY event on Friday, Sept. 13 with an informational Bingo workshop.

The event was an opportunity for students to engage in a conversation regarding how to develop effective study skills and avoid procrastination when it comes to completing schoolwork. Attendees participated in a game of Bingo where each of the slots on the card included a study tip, leading to the following topic of discussion.

Political science major, Jose Vega, junior was among the eleven attendees. “I wish they would’ve come up with more interesting ways to get the points across. But I felt like the Bingo tactic was definitely an interesting way to do it,” said Vega.

University Access Programs graduate intern Kyle Augustine, and Academic Success Coach Program Coordinator and Developmental Specialist Samantha Barrett, a Southern graduate, cohosted the event. Augustine said he develops programs that students will attend and benefit from.

Three main takeaways that Augustine said he wanted attendees to keep in mind throughout the remainder of their student careers were: “To be better studiers, to have more effective time management, and to utilize the Academic Success Center.”

A study skill that Daniel Brennan, a junior physics major, said he would consider applying to his courses this semester after participating in the workshop is “Definitely the sit close to the front if you’re more shy because I’d definitely say I’m more of a shy person.”

“I wish I had more students to attend,” said Augustine. He said he sent emails, posted the event on Owl Connect and Instagram, printed and hung a promotional poster on his office door, and advertised the event on Southern’s digital screens. “I probably could’ve promoted it more than I have.”

According to an American Psychological Association study, between 80% and 95% of college students procrastinate on their schoolwork. Vega said college student procrastination is caused by one factor: The current generation is too close to technology and social media. “There’s just so many options to escape from doing work,” said Vega.

According to Augustine procrastination is a big issue for students,  but talking about it will definitely help students accomplish more.

Photo credit: Anna DeSimone

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