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Zhitomi reelected as SGA president

Victoria BresnahanNews Editor

Incumbent Student Government Association President Alexis Zhitomi was reelected by a majority vote to lead next year’s SGA body.

“I know that was not an easy vote, but I appreciate it and I know we will go on and do great things,” said Zhitomi during last week’s meeting.

Zhitomi, who has been a part of SGA for three years, said throughout that time, she has learned what is appropriate to do or not do as president.

“I feel like if you elect me as president, I will be able to hit the ground running,” she said,“because I’ve gone through the pains of what it means and just being able to support you all has just been a great pleasure over the past year.”

The body has a lot more work to do, she said, beyond what they have put into changing the world language requirement.

In the future, she said it is time for the body to move away from their close relationship with staff and administration and go in a different direction.

Representatives-at-large Isaiah Yopp, a senior, and Benson Rodrigues, a sophomore, were nominated for the position as well. Katia Bagwell, also a representative-at-large, was nominated but did not accept.

SGA’s election procedure requires members to nominate their fellow representatives for president. If they accept, they present a short speech advocating for themselves. The members then proceed with a ballot vote and the results revealed shortly after.

Unlike years past, Zhitomi did not immediately nominate her executive-board. Director
of Student Involvement and an SGA adviser Denise Bentley-Drobish said members sworn in last year suggested the president should wait to select e-board members after they are elected so more members can be considered.

At the next body meeting, Zhitomi said the nominations will be selected and voted upon.

Photo Credit: Essence Boyd

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