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Annual Spring Concert canceled

Tamonda GriffithsNews Writer

Student Government Association President Alexis Zhitomi announced at an SGA meeting that the Spring Concert has been canceled for this semester.

“We’re sad that we couldn’t make it happen,” said Zhitomi, “but sometimes these things aren’t in our control. We aren’t a university that allocates $100,000 to Spring Concert because we value resources, student resources, and textbook cost, things like that, more than a spring concert.”

The concert had a $40,000 budget before an additional $15,000 was allocated by SGA.

The usual events leading up to the Spring Concert will still be held, Zhitomi said.

Out of the $55,000 funds designated for the concert, Zhitomi said at least $5,000 was taken out to boost Student Appreciation Day last week.

“We want to protect the money for the concert, like a little bit and see if it’s possible to like, you know, do better next year for the show because we weren’t able to do one this year,” said Eric LaCharity, Associate Director of the Office of Student Involvement.

The funds for this year, LaCharity said do not disappear. Instead, they go back to a general fund.

For next year, he said he plans to be more consistent with offers from artists earlier in the planning stage for the concert.

“We put out offers to multiple artists and we didn’t have any accepted,” said LaCharity, “so, we hit a certain threshold where we have to make arrangements for security, for sound, for [a] stage.”

Earlier this month, when it was announced no artist had been booked or approved for the annual Spring Concert, alternative events for the day were explored.

Events such as a festival or a much larger carnival to supplement the loss of the concert were considered.

“So the festival,” said LaCharity, “we called just about every vendor we have a connection with and were told the same response by pretty much all of them that, ‘this is the busiest weekend of the year for us and this is what we have available to you’ and it was next to nothing.”

Nursing major Jackie Salgado, a freshman said while she enjoyed Student Appreciation Day because the event gave students a chance to get together.

She said she was surprised, however, there would be no annual Spring Concert this semester.

“I’m not mad about it ‘cause like a lot of schools, like the artist haven’t been showing up or whatever,” said Salgado, “but I wish it was like all day and like they kept it ‘til night ‘cause like a lot of people have class right now [or] a lot of people are at work.”

Health Science major Isabel Lopez, a freshman said she wished students had been told sooner about the cancellation of the Spring Concert.

Public health major Curtis Smola, a freshman said he enjoyed Student Appreciation Day more than he would have a spring concert.

“Having rides and everything, I think is more fun,” said Smola. “Because there’s always something to do rather than watching them.

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