Stuff-A-Shuttle a success

Victoria BresnahanNews Editor

From floor to ceiling a university shuttle was stuffed with toiletries, food and clothes to help those in need at St. Luke’s in New Haven.

“We did some research on it just to get more stats,” Michael Delgado, a special education major and vice president of Outreach Unlimited said, “and like, a lot of people that are homeless or need more help like this have alot of disabilities or are more prone to having [them].”

Delgado said most of the donations are clothes— such as jackets, pants. Hygienic products are requested because of how expensive they can be to purchase, he said.

The drive is meant to help their whole lifestyle, not just keeping them warm, he said.

With the little help provided to them, he said the drive’s goal is to give them the aid they cannot get themselves.

According to Delgado, St. Luke’s helps all people in the general area.

“It is just getting help out there to people that need it,” he said.

It is everyone’s duty to help others, he said, because there are always others less fortunate.

Kimberly Rivera, a freshman and social work major, volunteered to stuff the shuttle because she said it was a good deed.

Before the shuttle was filled, Rivera visited various departments to collect donations. Students were welcome to donate to the drive as well, she said.

Deb Fairchild, former adviser for Outreach Unlimited, a club devoted to promoting inclusion, said Outreach created the Stuff-A-Shuttle drive seven years ago, in conjunction with Zeta Delta Epsilon, an honor service organization.

“We usually stuff the entire shuttle,” she said. “That’s our goal; to get the entire shuttle stuffed.”

Fairchild said people brought “carloads” of donations to the Lyman Center. The collection begins around January, she said.

The donations have not always gone to St. Luke’s, she said, but the group has been appreciative of the donations so they have continued to give to them.

Seven years ago, Fairchild said she had two students—one of whom was involved in ZDE—that wanted to become more invested in community service. It was their idea, she said, to stuff a university shuttle and donate the items to an agency.

“Kind of the rest was history,” she said, “it just perpetuated.

Photo Credit: August Pelliccio

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