North Campus cars invaded by thieves

Haljit BasuljevicReporter

Director of the IT Department Raymond Kellogg and his team were involved in setting up cameras around the North campus parking lot, which unlocked cars were broken into two years ago. Another break-in occurred last week.

“On Saturday (Feb. 23), at approximately 3:30 a.m, two unidentified males entered the lot on foot from PineRock Ave. They attempted to open the doors of vehicles parked in the lot behind the North Campus Midrise Residence Hall and Townhouse Buildings before finding two unlocked vehicles and removing personal items from them,” stated University Police Chief Joseph Dooley, in a campus advisory email.

According to Dooley, three complaints about the incident have been communicated to the police. There is no certainty the intruders were students. However, they had been roaming the parking lots and pulling on car handles.

A similar situation occurred about two years ago.

The current investigation is ongoing to determine who the thieves are. Dooley said the police department has worked with campus advisories and the director of Residence Life to ensure students are aware.

He said the best measure for further prevention rests upon students to voice any suspicions and that being more on the lookout helps the police department.

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