Campus police remind students of safety precautions

Alex PalmieriNews Writer

The emails students receive about Southern’s safety on campus is a reminder to all students that the police department is here to protect them, Chief Joseph Dooley said.

“It’s a refresher for people to understand the overall system that we have,” said Dooley. “We have security cameras on campus, access control, burglary alarms. It’s a robust system.”

Dooley said he knows if students are in danger, students will go to the police department and contact them for help. But the emails and all of the safety tips that are sent through the Southern email just serves as a reminder that they are there for the students.

“Between the security cameras, the Southern alert and the mass notifications,” said Dooley, “it’s good for safety.”

With the emails being sent based off the system that is being run at Southern  is something Dooley said serves as a constant reminder to all students. He added this is good for the Southern community.

“Here’s what we have in place,” said Dooley. “Call us if you see something, then say something.”

Dooley said in the email that was sent, there are concepts of evacuate, hide out or take action. There is also a video that follows up following the guidelines as well. Dooley added it is good for these things to be taken seriously.

“That’s something we did with our students and our officers,” said Dooley.

It is also encouraged by Dooley to sign up for the Southern alert system. If a student is signed up for the Southern Alert, they will automatically receive an email regarding any sort of crime on campus or inclement weather closing.

Patrick Dilger, director of integrated communications and marketing, said it is always important for student to know and understand what is happening on campus. He said every semester, emails will get send out about these kinds of things to raise awareness to students and faculty.

“This is so people know what kind of systems people have in place,” said Dilger.

Dilger mentioned a gas leak that happened on campus a few years back. He said students and faculty need to know about serious events such as that. Because of scenarios like this, Dilger said there are many different ways of getting the word out to everybody so the students, faculty and staff are all safe on campus.

“That’s why the Chief wanted to know that it’s important,” said Dilger. “He also has a video online about hostile work place. These are not fun things to think about but they are important things to know what to do in time of emergency.”

Danielle Hunter, a junior public health major, said it is beneficial for the emails to go the the students and faculty to let everyone know what is happening.

“I think I feel safer because I know,” said Hunter. “Not knowing then hearing about it later, or sometimes my mom will hear some things that happen in downtown New Haven. If I were to hear something that happens through my mom vs. an official of the school, I wouldn’t feel as safe.”

Dilger said the notifications are significant for students and faculty. Sometimes he said people need to know about situations and act quickly.

“You never know when things can happen,” said Dilger. “Even in weather situations. People need to move quickly. People need to know. We have many different ways of getting the word out. That’s why the Chief wanted people to know that it’s important.”

Photo Credit: Phil Zoppi

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