Students voice their opinions about food service

Alex Palmieri – News Writer

The hashtag #SCSUChartwellsProbs has been trending on social media for SCSU students to voice their opinions on particular concerns about Chartwells food services.

Using the hashtag, it sends student’s thoughts via Twitter, Facebook etc. If there is a problem with any type of food service that is provided by Chartwells, they want students to fight for change they would like to see in Chartwells food service. Any sort of comments students have about the food, their voice can be heard through the hashtag.

Juan Dominguez, resident district manager of Chartwells Residential Dining, said this was created by the Student Government Association. Though Dominguez did not make the hashtag, he said productivity regarding Chartwells can always be better.

“There is always room for improvement,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez has held his title for over three years. Before this, he was a director of retail, then a director of operation. Dominguez said this hashtag can help the overall efficiency improve, because students and consumers will now have a voice to say what is good with the overall service, and what can be better.

“It’s always good to have a communication tool,” said Dominguez. “As long as we stay objective, that’s good. I would love to see objective communication, always.”

As an overall grade regarding the food, service and interaction, Dominguez said Chartwells employees do a pretty good job.

“Overall grade,” said Dominguez, “I would give it a 7.5. We’re here to serve you guys.”

Trace Malone, a  junior business major, said he eats Chartwells food a lot on campus. The hashtag seems like a good idea to Malone. He said people are entitled to their own opinion and they should be allowed to say what they want about the food and food service they are getting at the university.

“They’re paying a lot of money to come here,” said Malone. “They should be entitled to fast and reliable service.”

Malone said at times, the service can be a bit slow. If Malone is hungry, he said he wants to grab a bite to eat before his next class. During this period, he said it can take a long time to get his food. He added the speed is the one thing he would use the hashtag about.

“I’m in line a lot longer than I should be sometimes,” said Malone. “I would tweet the #SCSUChartwellsProbs,” said Malone. “But it would have to be pretty poor service that I would have to receive.”

With the hashtag, it allows students and faculty to have a voice in the food services on campus. Malone said he thinks the hashtag will make things better. He said nobody likes to have a bad reputation. So if people happen to use the hashtag to say the service was not great, Malone said the workers will see it and it can make them work harder.

“They don’t want to risk losing the business,” said Malone. “So I think this hashtag will work in the end.”

Photo Credit: Alex Palmieri – News Writer


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