Today: Jul 12, 2024

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Members of Student Government at the SGA meeting on Friday, Oct. 14.

SGA approves new Peace Club and discusses other changes on campus

Lynandro Simmons – General Assignment Reporter Friday April 7, Student Government approved the start of the new Peace club organization. “The purpose of Peace is to bring more awareness to sexual misconduct on

Students desire better campus experience

Students from the Journalism News Writing course under the direction of Prof. Cindy Simoneau surveyed students on campus services. Project editors: Kevin Crompton, Sidney Jones, August Pelliccio and Michael Riccio. Student reporters: Matthew Araujo, Jailene

Chartwells discusses food service with students

Alex Palmieri – News Writer Chartwells wanted student input on how the food service at Southern can be improved and what actions can possibly be taken. Juan Dominguez, resident district manager of Chartwells

Students voice their opinions about food service

Alex Palmieri – News Writer The hashtag #SCSUChartwellsProbs has been trending on social media for SCSU students to voice their opinions on particular concerns about Chartwells food services. Using the hashtag, it

Food service workers protest contracts

Jeniece Roman – General Assignment Reporter The food service workers at Southern are protesting the terms of a new contract with Chartwells. “We hope to get Chartwells back to the negotiating table

Q & A with Rosa Mccray

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Managing Editor Rosa Mccray came to work at Southern 27 years ago to save up enough money to buy a fur coat. A couple coats and over two decades