Campus police keeping owls safe

Brokk TollefsonSpecial to the Southern News

     There are currently 9,871 students enrolled at Southern Connecticut State University, according to SCSU’s online fact book, and out of this number, only 2,613 students live on campus.

    According to SCSU Police Officer William Rivera, SCSU has a good reputation of being a drama free, safe campus for the students, faculty and staff.

    “So far this year has been really quiet. Most of the drama has been minor. We’ve been lucky at Southern; we haven’t been exposed to bad violence here,” said Rivera. “Nothing sticks out; it’s a pretty safe campus.”

     After spending 20 years with the Hartford Police Department, Rivera retired and began working as a police officer at Southern about a year ago. Rivera stated SCSU is a very safe place compared to most places he served while in Hartford.

    Rivera said though it is a safe campus, students still should not take chances by walking long distances after dark by themselves.

    “Don’t take chances; if it’s late hours, you can call someone to take you to other parts of campus,” said Rivera. “Even the police will pick you up and take you to your dorm.”

    Both Pamela Madrigal, freshman education major, and Alana Rivera,  freshman sociology major agree with Officer Rivera. Madrigal and Alana said they do not think walking at night is not necessarily a bad idea, but it is always better to walk with at least one other person.

    “I feel it’s unsafe to walk all the way to Wintergreen from Buley at night time, so I always prefer to walk in pairs,” Madrigal said.

    Some students do not agree with Madrigal and Alana, such as Riley Casey, sophomore business management major. Casey said he thinks the campus is very safe.

     “Last semester I had a 10:00pm class and I’d walk by myself from here to the dorm with no problem at all,” said Casey.

     Casey also believes the law enforcement and safety rules on campus are too much.

     “I have no problem with it,” said Casey. “There’s cops everywhere, I think they over do it honestly, with signing people in and everything.”

     According to Casey, it does not matter what your sex, or ethnicity is, this campus is totally safe.

     “I don’t think it’s a problem for anyone, male or female, color or anything; it’s not a dangerous a campus. I’ve never seen anyone who looks like they don’t belong on campus,” said Casey. “Plus we have these blue button things every so if anything does happen, the police are here in an instant.”

     Casey’s opinion is opposite from that of Officer Rivera and Olivia Martino, sophomore undecided major. Martino said she thinks it is better to walk with someone after dark.

     “If I had to walk alone I think I’d be fine but I’d rather have someone with me,” said Marino. “I don’t think guys care but I see typically girls wanting to have someone else with them, maybe it’s because they think they’re more of a target.”

     Officer Rivera said he thinks women could be in more danger but male students should be cautious too.

     “It doesn’t matter what sex you are; you could be a victim. Unfortunately, women are more probable to being a victim. But even a 6’2 football player can be a victim; I’ve seen it happen. Man or women, it doesn’t matter, you need to take precautions,” Rivera said.

Photo Credit: Southern News file photo



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