Southern Welcomes President Joe

Alex PalmieriNews Writer

    Joe Bertolino has been selected to become the 12th president of Southern Connecticut State University. With the recent resignation of Mary Papazian, Bertolino has begun his tenure as the next person in charge. He held a reception to welcome all staff members and faculty on Aug. 22 and said he is “honored and humbled” about being the president of the university.

    President Bertolino will keep a personal blog in order to inform students and faculty about the latest developments on campus. Bertolino has had a decorated career as a former teacher, author and lecturer, and he said he looks forward to the job at hand.

    “I’m excited of engaging in the university and talk to the students of Southern,” said Bertolino at the reception. “I have visited campus several times in the past few weeks and I am excited to be engaged. I love to talk to our students.”

    Mark E. Ojakian, president of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, also spoke at the reception. He said Bertolino fit the presidency best for Southern. He added Bertolino will do best for the university.

    “Dr. Bertolino,” said Ojakian, “was and continues to be the best choice to lead this institution at this time.”

    Bertolino said he is a proud member of the Southern community and is committed to the university. He added that the university is filled with Southern pride and he is excited for his new career as president.

    “I ask you to be a proud member of the Southern community and proud to be an owl,” said Bertolino.

    Devin Lynch, a sophomore education major, said he thinks Bertolino will be an exceptional president. Lynch has seen him interact with people on campus. He added that Bertolino is very good on social media as well as able to connect with students.

    “He will for sure be a good fit for president here for all students,” said Lynch. “I’m excited to see how he will do. I think he will be good.”

    Lynch said he hopes Bertolino will make Southern a better community for all. Though he said Southern is already a great university, Lynch said Bertolino has a lot of knowledge and can make the campus a great one.

    “President Bertolino can make a difference,” said Lynch. “He is very interactive and I think he will be as good as people think.”

    Jade Savage, a junior business management major, said Bertolino will improve the university. Savage said the university seems to be doing well and heading in the right direction, but there is always room for improvement.

    “I think Southern is already a good school,” said Savage. “But I read a little about Bertolino; it seems like a really good move by the university.”

    Savage said Bertolino is the type to connect with students. She thinks he can relate to this generation more since he has his own blog and twitter.

    “I think he is a good fit,” said Savage.

    Bertolino said he is excited for this new beginning and even though the university will face challenging times, everyone should stay focused on the positive direction Southern is heading.

    “Now,” said Bertolino, “repeat after me, go Owls!”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana – Photo Editor


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