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Pet Therapy Thursdays can help relieve stress

Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor

College is a stressful time, and that’s why Counseling Services and the Wellness Center have teamed up to bring pet therapy to Southern as a regular service.

“I work in counseling services,” said Jonathan Ruiz. “Misty and Lauren both reached out to me about this event. I was trying to get it to be a regular thing because we use to just do it at the end of the semester. You know anxiety is always high during finals but people love it so much. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be trying to offer this more frequently especially since things like stress and depression aren’t just problems during the end of the semester.”

Enter Lannie and Moose, two therapy dogs from he national organization, Pet Partners.

“I am a licensed professional counselor,” said Misty Ginicola, an associate professor. “Lana is registered through Pet Partners, has been for about three years. She comes into meet some of my clients of my practice that want her there. And she comes into classrooms when I’m teaching about human-animal bond and she also goes into school with kids.”

If you like dogs and need a minute to relax heading to a Pet Therapy Thursday event may be the perfect break from the demands of class and work.

All Photos By Tyler Korponai

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