Humans of SCSU: ‘Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone’

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

As if one major is not enough to stress out any student, Sabrina Lorch, student at Southern, has two majors.

“I am a double major in Communication and English. My concentration in Communication is Film, TV and Digital Production, and my concentration in English is Professional Writing,” she said. “Ever since I changed my major to Communication and English I have been so much happier and I find myself really enjoying my classes, my professors, and of course my awesome classmates.”

Even with Lorch’s full course load, Lorch still makes time to get involved in clubs and organizations on SCSU’s campus.

“The main organization I am a part of is the LGBTQIA-Prism,” said Lorch. “Since I commute, work full time and attend school full time, I am very limited on clubs I can join. When I can, I also enjoy being apart of the LARP club. In both clubs I have met many interesting and wonderful people, and have formed wonderful friendships.”

Lorch loves the work she gets to do at Southern. When asked what her favorite class on Southern’s campus is, Lorch could not decide.

“It is really hard to choose a favorite class because ever since I’ve changed my major I have been so much happier and have found myself really enjoying most, if not all my classes,” said Lorch. However, if I really had to choose, I think I enjoy my Communication classes the most because not only do we have interesting, and in depth discussions but I find myself always laughing and having fun, very rarely do I leave those classes without a smile on my face.”

Lorch’s favorite spot at Southern is the newly opened library.

“The renovations done in the Library made it such a relaxing and comfortable place to study and do homework. If I’m not in a classroom, I am usually in the Library,” said Lorch.

Lorch did not start at Southern, but is a transfer student who came to Southern with an Associate’s Degree under her belt.

Lorch said, “I was a junior when I transferred into Southern. Even so, I would tell freshman me to take my time and don’t be afraid to change your major, and don’t wait until you are about to be a senior to change your mind. But, better late than never!”

“To the new owls I would like to suggest that if you want to get out there and enjoy your time here at Southern, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new,” she said.

Lorch said that freshman often approach and ask what classes are “Easy As”..But she believes any class can be an “Easy A,” if you just apply yourself.

“I have no exact plans set out for myself yet after I graduate. From the things I’ve learned at Southern, and from my own experiences in the work force, I realize that there are a lot of options that are presented to me,” said Lorch. “So, I guess it is wherever my road takes me. I’ll open every door and window presented to me, just to find the right path for my journey ahead.

Photo Credit: Staff Photo


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