GALLERY: SCSU students head to Boot Camp

Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor 

With the Thanksgiving break right around the corner, and finals soon afterwards, theres less time left in the semester than most would realize. As a treat for students, either to celebrate the closing term, or to blow off some steam before the final stretch, the Residence Hall Association set up in the residence quad with their event RHA Boot Camp.

RHA is an origination on campus,said Stefany Mitchell. We advocate for residents and we put on programs for them. This event is called boot camp, there are cool inflatables, laser tag, Just Dance, some music, and airbrush t-shirts.

The process of putting together events is more than just coming up with an idea. Theres a lot of logistical work and preparation that has to happen before anything can get done.

You have to make sure you do all the paper work, said Stefany. Theres a lot, a lot of paper work and phone calls to make, but the reward of seeing everyone come out is worth it.

For those like DJ Prodigy, the event is the perfect time to come out and help be a part of the experience of bringing it all together.

Honestly the events that I DJ are awesome because I got more exposure,said DJ Prodigy (KiLon Stoddart). When people come up to me and tell me they like what Im playing thats great. I usually go based upon the crowd so I go off their reactions. I love dance hall and reggae, anything thats West Indian is what hits home for me.

Attendants had a full range of activities to enjoy, going from an inflatable obstacle course for students to challenge their friends, all the way to airbrush t-shirts. Stan Pykes, from Fun Enterprises, airbrushed t-shirts for students with a variety of colors and flair to design.

An inflatable obstacle course challenged peers to race one another, seeing who can be quicker and come to a finish first down a slide. If the competitive spirit wasnt entertained enough then students could get strapped in and run against the force of a cable in another inflatable. This objective was trying to see who could run further, noting their position by attaching a marker to a velcro line, only to then be pulled back by the cable attached to them.

Its a really good time,said Julie Gagliardi a psychology major. I really enjoyed the obstacle course it was a lot of fun, something I definitely havent done before. Plus, Im always up for a free t-shirt, I love that theyre giving them away, the spray paint is certainly different from what theyve done in the past.

Students then had the opportunity to challenge each other to one other event, laser tag. Geared up with their equipment, students got to take cover behind inflatables and use the quad as their battlefield.  

Laser tag was really interesting,laughs Julie. It was great that there was so much to do and that they had new things. Laser tag was probably my favorite though, Im not saying that I won but I think I won.

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor 

HEADER PHOTO: Anthony Piscitelli, exercise science major


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