Campus Security Report open to the public

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

This past week, the 2015 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Report was released. The report, which lists statistics from 2012-2014, includes fire and crime safety reports and plans as reported by campus police. The statistics are accompanied by tips and rules students need to know in order to stay safe on campus and in dorm buildings in case of a fire.

Chief of Police, Joseph M. Dooley said every student should read through the safety report.

It is important to be aware of the safety measures around you,” said Dooley. “We redesigned the safety report this year to be much more user friendly. I have seen reports from around the state, and ours is definitely one of the easier reports to read.

Dooley said the report is released every year because the law requires it. The law also requires that universities put out a fire safety report, so SCSU Police combine the crime and fire safety reports into one report for easier access.

Accessibility of the report is a large concern of Chief Dooley.

This semester is the first time the entire report can be found online on Southerns website,” he said. “Now, if a student does not have the paper copy, they can scroll through the document online to look up statistics. That being said, paper copies will also be available soon. So if computers are not your thing, you can still access the document.

The SCSU Police Department sent out campus-wide emails introducing the report and more advertisements will be available regarding the report in later weeks. The formatting of the report is expected to change. Older versions came in a flip-book style long sheet, but this years hard copy is slated to be a 8×11, book style format, so it is easier to flip through.

Dooley said, Statistically, crime on campus is low, considering our area. But, I take my job of keeping students safe very seriously, so one crime is too many. I strive to keep our campus safe.

Dooley also emphasizes that safety is a two-way street. He said, Educate yourself. There are ways to protect yourself. Avoid opportunities that would put you in a bad situation. Try not to walk alone at night.

However, SCSU Police have taken measures to make campus a safer place at night. Dooley said, Pine Rock Avenue is a really big concern of ours,” said Dooley. “Though the student involved in the robbery was committing a crime, is was a robbery nonetheless. We are patrolling the area more. We have enlisted the help of surrounding area officers. We have asked the boys of Beta Mu Sigma to continue with their escorting service. We also doubled the wattage of the lights on Pine Rock, so it is less dark.

Dooley suggests that students try to walk in the more well lit areas whenever possible.

The SCSU Police Department also released a video, available on the Southern Website, in collaboration with the Communications department called Surviving a Hostel Intruder,” in response to the uptick of school shootings on college campuses.

Dooley also reminds students of all of the services that have always been there. Southern offers a self-defense program called RAD,” which runs every semester. He also suggests students sign up for the SCSUAlert system, so they can be notified in case of an emergency.

Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas 

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