Weekend Warriors helps students get involved on campus

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

Some students may find it difficult to maintain being involved and busy on the weekend, the time when usually there is no need to do anything except homework and catch up on sleep. Luckily, Southern has a solution to weekend boredom with the installation if events such as this past Saturday’s carnival. 

The carnival, held in the residential quad, was a brilliant flare of bright colors, inflatables of varying types, and a large selection of carnival games.

 One of the most notable inflatables was called “The Jump Off,” where students climbed up one side of the inflatable and then could jump off of an edge, onto a cushioned base.

“This carnival is actually part of a newer program at Southern called the Weekend Warriors,” said Erin Dyer, SCSU graduate student.

Last year at Southern, there was a similar carnival in the first few weeks of school to invite students to become involved with on-campus events, but according to Dyer, there is much more to these weekend events.

“The Weekend Warriors is an initiative to get residents on campus to stay involved and on campus during the weekends,” she said. “We have already had events since the first weekend with a very good turnout, and we have events lined up through the semester. Though our brochures say the ‘Farnham Programming Space’ we actually go on trips like to the Beardsley Zoo, and next weekend we have a New Haven Tour planned.”

Students attending the event seemed to enjoy themselves as well, and the event itself did not advertise to only freshman– all students are welcome. Alexandra Burness, who attended the carnival, said she appreciated the school providing weekend entertainment for students.

“I like it when Southern does events like this,” said Burness. “It keeps you busy, and there is also the benefit of the free food and stuff. The free stuff makes the good events even better.”

Walking around the carnival, the enjoyment of attending students could be seen, and there were even some attending the carnival who were not members of Southern’s student body. Freshman Gregory Rodriguez had with him a recruit for the SCSU swim team, and talked about how he felt about the event.

“I actually really like this. It certainly wasn’t what I expected to be happening on the weekends, but it’s pretty fun,” he said. “These games though are tough like actual carnival games.  Not to mention all the free stuff is pretty chill, all this definitely makes me want to go to more.”

Rodriguez said it was “pretty cool” that the school would host these type of events during the weekend.

“I was flipping through a pamphlet I think was theirs and thought it was interesting. I will definitely come to more events like this,” he said.

For any student interested in such events hosted by the Weekend Warriors program, their brochures were passed throughout the residence halls.

“Really these are fun, non-educational programs that will not only be going on through the remainder of the semester, but in fact going on through the whole year. Even in the winter,” said Dyer.

Students of Southern, if you are looking for a fun activity to do on the weekend, the Weekend Warriors project operates every Saturday for the rest of the school year.

Photo Credit: Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor

* Header Photo – Hannah Johnson, elementary education major (left) and Matt Smith (right) during the carnival.


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