Beta Mu Sigma and police come together for annual Jail N’ Bail event

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter

The Fairfield University Police Department, Connecticut State Troopers, and the Southern Police Department banded together with Beta Mu Sigma for the annual Jail N’ Bail: an event designed to jail friends and faculty in order to raise funds and awareness for the Connecticut Special Olympics, said Rob Marona, senior business management major and Beta Mu Sigma president.

“We work very closely with [the Special Olympics] and to us, were based off of taking care of our community, whether it is our Southern Community or other organizations here,” said Marona. “We do a lot for the Special Olympics and they do a lot for us. It is really an honor to work with them. They do their summer games here, we work with the athletes, we do a formal in the fall, basketball clinics. It really means a lot to us, to have a connection with them.”

Marona said Beta Mu Sigma has coordinated the Jail N’ Bail with the Southern Police for 10 years and, over time, the event has not changed much. While he feels as though it has the potential to do more, it is always successful and people have fun “so that is really all that matters.”

Before the Jail N’ Bail, Beta Mu Sigma holds tabling events in advance so students may purchase warrants for five dollars. The student or employee must include the name of the person they want arrested, as well as the time and place where that person will be. Once arrested, they will be brought before a judge, who will set their bail and then they are put in Jail. Once in jail they can hang out and have fun, but ultimately, their goal is raise money for their bail by asking friends and family to donate to the cause.

Sergio Nunez, Southern police officer, said he has helped coordinate the Jail N’ Bail for nine years and ensures students are comfortable and willing to participate; he will not take anyone in who is not comfortable partaking in the event, although many do because “it is all in good fun.”

Nunez added that bringing the students together, and watching them participate is what makes the event enjoyable and donating his time for the Special Olympic athletes means a lot to him.

Adriana Gizzi, freshman psychology major and Jail N’ Bail prisoner, said her bail was set at 75 dollars and thought it was funny when someone tapped her on her shoulder earlier in the day to take her in.

Gizzi added with the way the event is designed, it is easier to ask people to donate versus feeling like a “hassle” because it is going towards an organization that helps a lot of people.

Abbey Pantani, Southern police officer, said she has helped coordinate the Jail N’ Bail for 10 years and the Special Olympics is a cause dear to Southern as well as to the athletes who participate, and an event that depends entirely on donations. Pantani added their goal for this particular event was raise over $100,000. However, they raised $5,500 by the end.

“It’s a philanthropy, Special Olympics is a non-profit, the athletes rely on donations from law enforcement events,” said Pantani. “We’re raising money for a good because these athletes come to Southern in the summer for Summer Games for free. Not only do they do the sports events but they get free medical screenings, free breakfast free breakfast, lunch, and dinner and these athletes, honestly, they look forward to this all year round. This event helps fun day and also raise awareness.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter

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