New password system in place for SCSU

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter

This past summer, Southern’s IT department began circulating emails regarding a new passwords system that the university would be adopting in the upcoming school year.

The new self-service password system allows students, faculty and staff to reset their passwords with the service of the IT Help Desk. This is particularly helpful, as it allows the user to troubleshoot password issues 24/7, not just during the Help Desk hours. It also frees up Help Desk employees to tend to other technological issues on campus. Students are no longer forced to wait on hold with the Office of Information and Technology every time they need something simple, like a password reset.

The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) went live on June 15, and the emails suggested that users sign up by Sept. 15, but users can still sign up for the service.

The SSPR system will affect Blackboard, HootLoot, MySCSU, OwlConnect and other online services on campus.  The new system, however, does not affect your Owls Mail, and it is recommended that users do not use their SCSU email address as their alternative email address when they are signing up for the system. It is recommended that the users use a personal email address, like a Gmail or Hotmail account.

Since the three-month grace period has ended, if users wish to sign up for the service they will need the assistance of the Help Desk.

The IT Department chose to introduce this service to the university to comply with CSU standards. The regulations require that all students, faculty and staff change their password every 90 days. Notification of password expiration will begin by email 30 days from the expiration of the password. Subsequent emails will follow as the date approaches.

The IT Department hopes that the SSPR system will alleviate some of the frustration associated with password resets.

An alternative email is required for safety reasons at the time that the user signs up for the service. The SSPR service is available to Southern affiliates free of charge, and the IT Department boasts that the service comes “highly recommended.”

The link for registration can be found on the IT website, but if users experience any confusion or frustration, they should contact the Help Desk.

However, the program itself also supplies a troubleshooting guide with frequently asked questions and a registration guide.

Even if the user forgets their password on the SSPR system, they can input their alternative email or cell phone number to retrieve and reset their password, and there is no limit to the amount of times a user can reset their password.

It is not recommended that users perform the initial password change on the SCSUInternet network, because the system will remember the network, which can cause constant lock outs and frustration for the system user.

The transition on to this new program is meant to be smooth and users are encouraged to use the resources they received to create an account as soon as possible.

Photo Credit: Staff Photo – MYSCSU Website


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