Students reflect on Blackboard’s service

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter

Mostly all online databases are prone to issues that make it complicated for its user to navigate the site and Blackboard is no different. Even though the site is widely used by students and faculty, both have experienced the good and bad sides to using the Blackboard website.

Students, such as Omar Abid, a computer science major, said he thinks Blackboard does what he needs it to do.

“For the most part, it works when I need it to work,” Abid said. “Uploading my assignments and communicating with my professors isn’t a hassle.”

Abid said he heard some changes were made to help the site function more efficiently, but he is unaware of what those changes were and how they impact the overall function of Blackboard. However, compared to other community colleges’ and universities’ Blackboard sites, he said they all are identical.

“When I see other universities’ Blackboard sites, it doesn’t look any different from Southern’s,” Abid said. “They seem to all look the same and do the same things.”

“I can’t think of any changes that would make Blackboard run better than it does now,” Abid added.

Unlike Abid, other students have become frustrated with the issues they have encountered while using Southern’s Blackboard website.

Chanelle Clarke, a senior, said, “my main issue with BB9 is that it signs me out of my account if I’m logged in for too long.”

Also, now that Sailpoint is the only way for students and faculty to enter Blackboard, Clarke noticed her BB9 app no longer works.

“I also don’t like having to access Blackboard through Sailpoint,” said Clarke. “I used to be able to access BB9 through the Blackboard app, but since Sailpoint has been created, I have to log into that in order to log into Blackboard.”

“I don’t get the point in using Sailpoint,” Clarke said. “It makes me go through a lot just to use the apps on it launchpad.”

However, just like Abid, Clarke said she does not have any issues uploading her work or communicating with her professors through the Blackboard site.

“If the professor really uses Blackboard to keep the students updated on their performance it helps,” Clarke said. “If they don’t use the site it becomes hard to keep track of how I’m doing in the class and it gets hard to keep track of deadlines.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Nunez


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