Mouthn’ Off Radio kicks off the semester

(Left to right) Diane “Dirty Diana” Lazarus, Phil “Phillard” Riddick, Tina “Tina Turn-Up” Holden, Jasmin “HoneyNutOreeio” Cameron, and Chris “Mr. Mizzy” Haith pose for a photo in the studio. Photo Credit: Aaron Berkowitz

Aaron BerkowitzGeneral Assignment Reporter 

The Mouthn’ Off Radio crew made their way back onto the WSIN airwaves last week with their first show of the semester.

“My favorite part of being a part of the show is when that red light comes on and we are officially on the air,” said Chris “Mr. Mizzy” Haith, junior communications major and CEO/co-founder of Mouthn’ Off. “There’s no other feeling like it and we have been anxious to get back to our regular schedule.”

The show airs every Friday at 7:30 p.m. on 1590 am radio and is composed of the latest music in Hip Hop as well as interviews/open discussions with local talent. Guests to the show have ranged from political figures in the city to local musicians and clothing designers. Haith said the show promotes positivity and provides the community with a platform to promote their talents.

Haith said the staff was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview some great local talent as well as our city’s Mayor, Toni Harp.

“She was very down-to-earth,” said Haith. “I think we were all a little nervous when she first got there, but once we loosened up she gave us a great interview.”

Tina “Tina Turn Up” Holden, communications major and co-founder, said she loves the experience she’s gotten through the show and she’s seen a lot of growth since it began a year ago.

“We’ve definitely learned the importance of being prepared,” said Holden. “Don’t get me wrong, some of our best shows have come from unscripted interviews where everyone asks questions based off of everyone else’s questions, but now we go into each show and everyone has a sense of what they’re doing.”

Mouthn’ Off was also founded by Jasmin “HoneyNutOreeio” Cameron, SCSU graduate of 2014. Cameron said she is proud to have been there since the beginning of the show and she has hopes of seeing it continue past the rest of its founder’s graduations.

“Each show that goes on has been part of a growing process for us all,” said Cameron. “We’re hoping that our show can help to contribute to a sense of community. Not only on campus, but in New Haven.”

The rest of the show’s staff consists of Haith’s friend, Phil Riddick, radio personality Diane “Dirty Diana” Lazarus, and DJ JMoney.

Lazarus said prior to working at Mouthn’ Off radio she had her own show and the dynamics changed tremendously once she started working with a team.

“I love working with them. Everything is more free-flowing and improv[isation],” said Lazarus. “You never know what’s going to happen on a given show.”

Haith said his team has grown close over the show’s existence.

“We’re really more like family,” said Haith. “There’s times where we will literally be arguing on the air and don’t agree on certain topics, but at the end of the day it’s part of what makes it good radio.”

Holden said a lot of the show’s success to date is a result of the way her team works together.

“We all learn from each other,” said Holden. “We didn’t make this station just for Southern. We made it for Connecticut. It works so well because we’re all on the same page and are trying to find more ways to bridge everyone together, whether it’s through music or conversation.”

Both Lazarus and Holden said the staff welcomes people who have an interest in being part of the weekly broadcast with open arms. Anyone interested getting the latest updates on the show or being a guest can follow its page on Instagram and Twitter, @mouthnoffradio.


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