Frank Warren brings Post Secrets to Lyman Center

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter 

The secrets started pouring in 10 years ago and they have not stopped since. Post Secret is a continuous project which allows a community of people to anonymously share their secrets. Though the project originally started on the backs of post cards, participants also create art, photography and other renditions for their secrets.

Frank Warren started the project a decade ago when he started handing out blank postcards to the public suggesting they send him their secrets.

The response was overwhelming. Warren admits to receiving more than a million post cards since he started. He still receives countless postcards every day. Since its start, the project has produced a series of books, an app, and a theater production. On the first stop in his most recent tour, Warren brought his secrets to Southern’s Lyman Center on Jan. 16. The event consisted of Warren sharing photos and the stories behind some of his favorite secrets.

“Secrets are the currency of intimacy,” said Warren. The stories ranged from silly to serious. One of the recurring themes of the night was the idea of suicide. Warren shared various stories he received regarding the subject, particularly.

Fittingly, the event was brought in part with the help of SCSU’s chapter of Active Minds. “Frank Warren reached out to our chapter of Active Minds personally,” said Active Minds member Melissa Volpe. “He had us backstage before the show, and asked us to introduce him. He even set up a donation box for Active Minds at his book table.”

Volpe said the Post Secret is one of the best events offered at Southern. “I come to Post Secret every year that it is offered. Frank Warren is really inspiring. He sheds a light on both the good and bad things about life. I think that is so important to have on a college campus.”

Active Minds is a national organization with the purpose of bringing light to issues surrounding mental illness, as well as destigmatizing them. The SCSU chapter sponsored the chair event last year to educate the campus about the issue of college suicide. After Warren shared some secrets, including secrets that were exclusive to the tour, he opened the microphone up to whoever in the audience wanted to share their secrets. After little hesitation, the crowd opened up and suddenly the huge auditorium was converted into a safe and supportive place for the participants. Men and women, including students and adults took the microphone and got a range of secrets off of their chests.

After hearing the inspiring stories confessions of emotional survivors, the night came to a close. Warren closed the show by saying, “If you can find your way through all of this, you will come out of it with a beautiful story of healing.”

For more information about the Post Secret community, the book series, or Frank Warren, visit or send your postcards to Frank Warren’s home address, available on the website.


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