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Annual Warren Files lives on

 Sofia Rositani — Reporter

Tony Spera hosted “The Warren Files” on Nov. 1 at the Lyman Center, after a showing of “Annabelle Comes Home.”

By the time the event started, almost all of Lyman Center was packed.

Tony Spera began the show talking about how TV shows like ‘Ghost Adventures’ give a bad name to those who are considered ‘paranormal investigators.’

He then spoke about how “The Conjuring 3” has been filmed and will be in theaters soon, and that sixty percent of what is in the film is true to what happened. The upcoming Conjuring film will take place in Brookfield, Conn. and will be about the “Devil Made Me Do It” case in the 1980’s.

The only films that were mostly fiction were the “Annabelle” films and “The Nun” film, because Tony Spera and Lorraine Warren were not consulted about the films before they released them to the public. Judy Spera, Ed and Lorraine Warrens daughter, was also at the event and even admitted that she only went into the museum twice in her life. She said that when a child from “Make-a-Wish Foundation” wanted to go see Annebelle she would not even go down there.

During the event, Spera said that even though there are multiple different religions in the world, everyone prays to a superior being, which brought Spera into thinking, “Spirits are real; ghosts are real, the devil is a real entity.”

Over the years Spera and the Warrens have done 8,000-10,000 investigations, and only 70 of those cases were demonic in nature and needed to have an exorcism done.

This brought Spera into a slideshow of Amityville horror house. Spera presented a multitude of photos, of the investigation of Amityville and photos of the family in London that “The Conjuring 2” is based off of.

After watching multiple videos about the museum, the Warrens investigations, and a video of the real exorcism of Maurice, who was shown in the Conjuring and The Nun films, Spera unveiled a terrifying item: the Annebelle doll, from the film. This caused many laughs from the audience who assumed it was an actual haunted artefact from the occult museum.

Before the event ended Spera did a question and answer with the audience.

One member of the audience asked why so many people they know live in a haunted house in Conn., Spera responded with how Conn., and New England in general, has had a massive amount of hauntings dating back to when the states first formed. Spera and the Warrens have investigated every single town in Conn. multiple times.

“As a demonologist we gather information regarding demonic entities that may be in a home and afflicting people and families or a person and document that evidence that we gather through recordings, through statements, through photographs, through eyewitness accounts and take it to the proper authorities for resolution that is the clergy,” said Spera, “if we can’t personally expel a demon from a person if we can’t expel them out of a house we don’t have that power but the ordained member of a clergy does have that power.”

This production has been a staple of the Halloween season at Southern. Spera wanted to keep the tradition going.

“Ed and Lorraine have done this for years and I used to assist them all the time, maybe 40 times,” Spera said and after Lorraine became very ill they asked if want to continue on and I said yes.”

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